Creating epub ebooks without Calibre

Creating an epub ebook without Calibre This guide demonstrates how to create your own epub files using Libre Office (or Open Office) on Linux, Windows or a Mac. This is handy if you have some text that you'd like to read on your book reader but your book reader doesn't support the format that you have it in. Or if you have written some text yourself which you'd like to publish. EPUB stands for 'electronic publication' and is the open standard for digital ebooks.

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Running a Calibre ebook library on a Raspberry Pi

Ebook Library on a Raspberry Pi This article describes how to set up your own ebook server which will run on a Raspberry Pi or any other webserver running PHP. This allows you to give your friends access to your ebooks across the Internet without keeping the machine that manages your Calibre library turned on all the time, which costs more money and can be really slow if you have a large book library.

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Converting images on a Raspberry Pi

Ebook Library on a Raspberry Pi I've been using Imagemagick, a really useful tool, a lot recently to convert images for my ebook collection. I use it to create smaller versions of the images that Calibre produces to run on my own ebook web server. This mini-tutorial will show you how to install and use Imagemagick on your Raspberry Pi. This could be on the command line, in batch operations or using a server side scripting language.

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