Preview your site in Google search results

Taking care over what your site looks like in Google Search Results is an important consideration. Potential customers will read the url, title and the short snippet that google provides them with before making a decision as to whether to click on your link or not. Therefore its important to get this right by using a selection of free online tools for previewing Google search results.

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Google Voice Typing in School

A lot of pupils are great at telling stories orally but when it comes to writing their ideas down, they really struggle. If you're using Google Docs within your school then your pupils can make use of the Google voice typing function, which allows them to dictate their work directly into a document. We tested it out recently and it recognised all the common words that we spoke as well as more obscure ones such as ‘coelacanth’, ‘octogenarian’ and ‘disestablishmentarianism'. It even added asterisks to swear words too which could be useful if you have some 'live wires' in your class.

more ...Written by Gary Hall

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