Problem Solving using Bar Models

Here in the UK, we have a myriad of different approaches in solving word problems in maths. In Singapore Maths, students use a bar model to solve word problems. They take the problem apart and then create a representation of it using simple blocks. This then helps them understand the problem better and creates a lot higher success rate in solving word problems.

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Problem Solving Activities KS2

Puzzleboxx is a collection of puzzles and problem solving activities suitable for upper KS2 children. Well suited for maths groupwork, they are arranged into visual, word based, practical, logical and lateral problems so there's something here to suit everyone's preferences and learning styles.

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Laying the Foundations for Algebra

Laying the foundations for algebraAlgebra is about putting real life problems into equations and then solving them. Although formal algebra does not really start until Key Stage 3, primary schools can lay the lay the foundations for algebra in Key Stages 1 and 2 by providing early activities based on algebra from which later work in algebra can develop.

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