Update Google Analytics using PHP

Google Analytics is usually updated by embedding Javascript code into your web pages. If you've written a web application and want to add extra information into your analytics tracking then using PHP to update Google Analytics may be a better option (using Google's Analytics Measurement Protocol). To do this you'll need a web server with PHP and Curl installed and your Google Analytics tracking ID.

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Music Video Jukebox

Music Video JukeboxMy kids spend a lot of time watching music TV but they have no control over the videos that they watch. I've often thought it would be a good idea to have your own music video jukebox where you can select the music videos that you want to watch, not just those that someone else wants you to watch. I felt so strongly about this that I wrote my own Music Video Jukebox addon for XBMC which does just this.

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Using PHP with Pelican

PHP and Pelican I've been using PHP to develop websites since the mid 90's and, even though I'm really happy with my Raspberry Pi and Pelican setup, I really wanted to add some php code into some of my scripts. After spending a while testing a few approaches out, I finally found one that worked and seamlessly integrated into the Pelican framework.

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