How to shorten tweets

Twitter only allows for messages of up to 140 characters, which is about the length of a headline. Bear in mind that your 140 characters includes spaces and everything else, so how can you shorten your tweet to make sure that everything you have to say is contained in those 140 characters? Here are some tricks to do just that.

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Tweeting from the Raspberry Pi

Tweeting on the Raspberry Pi I recently found a way to tweet from the Raspberry Pi using an app called Tweepy. I've written a tutorial below on how to do this as I've wanted to automate Twitter feeds for a while now and this looks like just the thing to enable me to do it. It took me about an hour to setup and now I've got it up and running, I'm going to look at reading data from the environment, the web and local databases and tweeting them out directly.

more ...Written by Gary Hall

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