Millenium Orchard Beverley

The Millenium Orchard is located a few miles outside of Beverley in a local nature reserve called Beverley Parks. It is one of the largest, noncommercial orchards of northern varieties of apples in England and is a place of interest for archeologists, historians, fruit growers, ecologists, beekeepers, walkers, picnickers and everyone who loves to spend time in the countryside.

History of Beverley Parks

Beverley Parks is part of Old Hall Farm smallholding, lying within a former deer park that surrounded much of Beverley during Medieval times. The site dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086, when the Archbishops of York owned the manor. It is also a site of local archaeological importance with earthworks and ridge and furrow still in evidence. The Millennium Orchard was planted in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium in partnership with the East Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes. Beverley Parks was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2006 in recognition of its wildlife value and importance to the local community.

Walks available

There are two trails which visitors can walk around: one around the Millennium Orchard and the Parkland Trails. There is also a Bird Feeding Station at Beverley Parks and once a year, there is an Annual Apple Day which has stalls and apple pressing demonstrations.
Beverley Parks Map

How to get there

Beverley Parks is situated on Shepherd Lane, approx 1.5 miles from Beverley. By road, approach from Beverley or Hull on Long Lane, turning at the railway crossing onto Shepherd Lane. Or approach from the A164 Humber Bridge to Beverley road (Victoria Road), turn off onto Lincoln Way (Morrison’s roundabout) and then turn right onto Shepherd Lane. For those using Sat Nav, the postcode for Beverley Parks is HU17 0RN.


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