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Helping your child develop is one of the many responsibilities of parenting, and there are many ways you can help your child develop their physical, social and mental skills. There are 4 main skills that your child will develop as he or she turns from a newborn into a youth:

Motor skills

This is a function, which involves the child's movement of muscles when they intend to perform a specific act. Example; when a newborn baby is able to hold their own bottle, or when a toddler learns to walk and pull itself up. Your child's motor skills obviously develop slowly, and it's extremely important to help them as much as possible with finding their balance and using their muscles to their full potential.

Social and emotional skills

Social skills are really important for children so they can communicate properly with their teachers and friends. Your child needs to be learning emotional skills so they can express themselves and so they can make you aware of their needs. Helping your child progress in their social and emotional skills is vital so they can interact, help themselves when needed and learn and gain self awareness and control. An example of these two skills would be, a child asking for help, a baby crying and children making friends or talking to peers.

Cognitive development skills

A child's cognitive development is the way a child thinks, learns, explores and figures things out. Children normally gain this skill at an early age and education also plays a big part in helping children with acquiring their cognitive skills. It is the growth of knowledge, brain development , problem solving and dispositions, which help your child to think and understand the world around them. For example; when a child voices their opinion, or learns how to do something on their own.

Speech and language development

This is the skill of your child being able to speak and understand your language. This is when your child can confidently speak your language and use adverbs and adjectives in conversation. This skill is normally assisted in schools from a young age, but helping out at home will only encourage them to strive even more. Example; when a child starting to speak or reading out loud on their own.

How can you help your child develop their skills?

The best way to help a child develop all their skills is the fun way, by playing!! Most toddler toys are designed to improve and evolve all of their skills. So you playing with them too is only going to make it more fun for your child and more chance of them increasing their skills! Here are a few activities that can massively help and improve your child's speech, language, cognitive, social, emotional and motor skills!


Introducing your child into reading will only benefit them extremely. Reading to your children is scientifically proven to improve your child's vocabulary! It helps massively with your child's language and social skills too, and it's guaranteed to improve your child's english literature. Reading also is great for older children as it teaches them new words, possible situations and new perspectives.


Education plays a massive part in crafting your child into an adult, and the teachers and T.A’s don't get enough praise for annually teaching their students to read, write and about adulthood in general. But there isn't any harm in making sure your child is excelling in every subject you can. Helping your child to do their homework is quality bonding time and also helps your child to understand.

Playing outdoors

Outdoor fitness equipment massively improves balancing, and motor skills. Playing outdoors in any way will help improve your child's skills, muscle and orientation. It also increases attention span, happiness, sensory skills and immune system. Playing outside causes them to get vitamin D from the sun, improving their mental state and making your child scientifically less depressed!


It may seem a tad silly but letting your child draw with crayons from a young age only enhances their accuracy for school writing and their general motor skills! Starting them as early as possible, will help them refine their hand and eye coordination, while also tuning their finger muscles. If you encourage your child to draw it will help their confidence, self expression, accuracy and concentration.

Arts and crafts

This is another brilliant way of letting your child express theirself! As most arts and crafts activities consist of moving their little fingers and hands, they help in developing your child's motor skills. If you motivate your child to play with arts and crafts you will notice their accuracy, concentration and expression fly through the roof. Simple things like holding scissors and coloring with pencils help strengthen muscles and enhance your child's control. Arts and crafts activities can encourage your child's dexterity and agility too!

Help your child to be the best they can.

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