This guide demonstrates how to create your own epub files using Libre Office (or Open Office) on Linux, Windows or a Mac. This is handy if you have some text that you'd like to read on your book reader but your book reader doesn't support the format that you have it in. Or if you have written some text yourself which you'd like to publish.

(Note. You can use calibre to perform document conversions but I didn't have a lot of luck converting PDF documents in Calibre so I find it easier cutting and pasting from PDFs into Libre Office and using this method to convert files into epub documents)

EPUB stands for ‘electronic publication’ and is the open standard format for digital ebooks. If you want to make an ebook that can be read on a digital device, you’ll need it in this EPUB format. You can convert pretty much any text documents to EPUB format, which is the preferred format for reading on many ebook readers, including the Nook, Android, Apple iOS and KOBO. (The Kindle currently uses .mobi which is not an open standard)

So to convert a file to epub you will need:

The precise steps you need to take are as follows:

  1. Download and install Libre Office or Open Office if you don't already have one of them on your system.

  2. Download the 'Writer to epub' extension from here.

  3. Open up Libre Office (or Open Office) and go to: Tools -> Extension Manager and then click on the Add button.

  4. Browse to where you downloaded the Writer to epub .oxt extension file and click on 'Open'. The extension will be added to Libre/Open Office.

  5. Restart Libre Office / Open Office.

  6. You will now see three new buttons at the top of the menu, with green icons:

When you want to create your epub book, simply click on the one on the icon on the left.

You will now be asked for the meta-data for your epub book as follows;

When you've entered this information, simply click on OK and your epub book will be created.


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