The flip side of having the World Wide Web to broadcast your brand to the globe is that you’ll also attract people who want to voice their negative opinion of your business. True or not, these people will feel compelled to tell everyone how bad their experience was. The last thing you want to do is react emotionally to bad online reviews.

Is it easy to read someone’s crude and sometimes rude comments about your brand? Of course not! Your business is your child, and any parent would go out of their way to protect their kid. Just don’t let the heat of the moment drag you into an online argument during which your reply can be easily taken out of context and cause more harm than good.

Take a deep breath and examine the facts - you must separate fact from fiction.

All business problems are people problems at their core. Nine times out of ten, those people problems are communication problems. We fear talking to our team because they might take it the wrong way. We fear being critical to avoid hurting people’s feelings. We fear transparency and being true to ourselves.

Fear, in general, is what stops you from getting the business you want deep down. You had a grand vision and built a brand. When you were building that brand, you were fearless because you had nothing to lose. Now your stakes have increased, and you hesitate to state the truth. You side step issues that need to be talked about. You’ve become weak due to poor communication. That weakness threatens everything you took the time to build, yet you don’t speak up.

Stop being afraid to be authentic.

Stop being afraid, to be honest. Step up and become the leader your team wants and needs. They want someone to lead them. They need someone to challenge them. They want someone who inspires them to become better - sometimes storytelling for business can help with this. That can be you if you dare to open your mouth and be authentic.

Finding your true voice as a leader is about being open and honest, not talking down to people. Always communicate respectfully with everyone. That includes people in your personal life, too. You can’t be one way outside of your business and a different way around your staff. You must commit to being authentic and genuine, or your employees will think you’re dishonest and untrustworthy.

All goals need a target

You can say you want to lose weight, but what does that mean? When will you know you’ve reached your goal? If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Without an end goal, you don’t have anything pulling you toward a compelling future. The days will become longer, and the pressure of everyday operations will turn into stress that slowly sucks the life out of you. You’ll start to question whether any of what you’re doing is worth it.


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