With Kahoot, primary school teachers can create quizzes for children to play on in a social environment, using any device with a web browser… including a laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Chromebook or PC. The children can can take part in fast paced quizzes against each other, giving instant feedback and both formative and summative assessment. The multiple choice quizzes are simple to set up and simple to play and the results are available to analyse in Excel or Google Sheets.

Quizzes are built through a simple 'drag & drop' creator tool (using any device) and can include images and video. The teacher then starts the quiz, the children type in their PIN code for the quiz and their names show on the screen at the front of the class. Questions are answered in real-time through a bright, easy-to-use interface and they play against each other aiming to top the on-screen leaderboard, whilst you facilitate and discuss the content. There is also the opportunity for children to feed back at the end of the session too.

I use this in maths in KS2 and the children love this style of assessment. Each child has an ipad and they sit on the carpet responding to the quiz questions that are displayed on the interactive white board.

Below is a quick set up guide:

1. Create your quiz

Firstly, visit getkahoot.com and sign up for an account. When you sign in, you’re presented with the 3 types of Kahoot you can make. Click on the quiz icon, and you will be asked to give it a name. Type the name into the text field - give it a descriptive & catchy name to inform and motivate yourstudents, as well as attract other users to play it in their teaching. Press the purple ‘Go!’ button. You can now add your questions

Enter your first question in the field at the top (it's a 95 character limit.) Enter up to 4 answer options, and select the correct one(s) by pressing the red ‘Incorrect’ button to turn it into a green ‘Correct’ button. Choose a time limit between 5-120 secs. You can also an an image or video as part of the question, to make the quiz more exciting.

Add more questions by pressing ‘+ Add question’. Once you’ve added them all, press the green "Save and Continue" button.

You'lll now have an option to reorder your questions, to edit them or to complete creating your quiz. When you're done, you'll be taken back to a screen with a list of your quizzes (Kahoots). Here you can preview your quiz or play it. I recommend previewing it to make sure it works as expected and to fix any problems with images or videos that you've inserted.

2. Play your quiz

To play your quiz, click on the play button. You'll be presented with a list of options as follows:

If you're happy with these options, click on the purple Launch button. The following screen will come up briefly:

After a few seconds, this screen will appear presenting the children with a PIN number:

The children then open up Safari on their ipads, browse to kahoot.it and enter in this PIN as well as a nickname. As they do, their nickname appears on the interactive white board. I made it clear that anyone abusing nicknames wouldn't be playing and this stopped any potential problems :)

When everyone is ready (you can see the number of people that have joined at the tope left of the screen) you can click Start Now to start the quiz.

As you work through the quiz, children are told whether they get the questions correct or not, as well as how many points they've got and what position they are in.

They are shown the scoreboard as they make their way through the quiz and at the end, are presented with the final scores of all the players.

3. Feedback from the children

Finally, the children are given the option to say what they think of the quiz, including how much fun it was, how much learning was involved, whether they'd recommend it and how they felt after the quiz.

4. Analyse the results

The test results can be downloaded at the end of each session or uploaded to your Google Drive, ready to analyse and work out the areas that the children need more work on. If you forget to download your results, you can access them at any time - under 'My results’, which can be accessed by pressing on your username in the top right corner, and then 'My results’.

I have found that Kahoot helps me to gauge the understanding of all my pupils, at once. Children can also move onto developing their own Kahoot's to further their own understanding and to challenge their classmates.


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