After you've set up your Google Classroom class, you'll need to add students to the class. Providing the students have already been added to your Google for Education account by your administrator, it should be just a matter of selecting them from a list and adding them to the class.

First, click on the 'Students' tab in the centre of the screen. This takes you to the Students screen which looks like this:

Before you add any students, you'll need to set the permissions for the class. By clicking the "students can post and comment" link, you have a choice of the following:

  • Students can post and comment - Here students can share a message in the class stream and comment on any item. This is Google's default
  • Students can comment only - If you choose this option, students can comment but not share a message.
  • Only teacher can post or comment Students can't comment on or share in the class stream.

I allow students to post and comment and here's why. I work at primary school so the children are usually at school when we're using Google Classroom. If anyone posts anything untoward then we will discuss it in class and everyone learns from it. Google Classroom is a great way for children to learn how to collaborate with each other, getting them ready for life in a digital world, and stopping them collaborating means stopping them learning. There is however an option to mute individual students, if you need to, when a student has been added to the class.

Next to the permissions box is a class code. This is a unique code for your class. You can use this code to get the students to add themselves to the class. Next to the class code is a toggle, which allows you to reset the code (change it) or to disable (which turns it off).

Depending on how you want to do this, you can add the students or the students can add themselves to the class.

Adding students to a class

To add students to a class, click on the 'Invite' button. This will pop up a dialogue box which looks like this (student names have been grayed out for privacy reasons):

(Make sure you click the All Contacts dropdown)

Now simply select all the students that you want to appear in that class and then click on the Invite students button.

You'll now have a list of students, as follows:

As you can see, next to each student's name is the word Invited and an email icon. All the students will have been sent a link by email to notify them that they have been invited to the class. They'll also be notified of the invitation when they log into Google Classroom next. You can click this button to email them again, if you want.

When the student logs in, they see the following screen:

They simply click on the "Join" button to join your class. The teachers screen then updates to:

As you can see, students that have joined the class do not have the word invited next to them, and appear in bold.

Students add themselves to the class

If you don't want to add students to the class, they can add themselves. This can be done in a number of ways:

  1. Send an email to students with the class code
  2. Write the class code on the board

Get them to sign in to Classroom at and, when they're on the Home page, click add. Then they should enter the code and click join.

Administrators add students to classes

When an administrator sets up Google Classroom, they can also add students to individual classes too. This may be a better option when you're up and running with Google Classroom.

Maximum size limit for a class

The maximum size limit for a class is 20 teachers and 1000 members (teachers and students) so its unlikely you'll hit these limits.

Now you've added students to your class, you're ready to create assignments for them.


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