In Google Classroom, announcements can be made to your class to remind them of an upcoming event or as a general notice for the class. They appear in the class stream and can be commented on and made sticky (i.e. They stay at the top of the class stream). Anyone can add comments to announcements, which are visible under the announcement.

Create an announcement

Creating an announcement is really simple. To create an announcement, select your class and then click Create announcement.

Enter your announcement and upload or attach any pertaining files to it, such as YouTube videos or Google Drive files. You can also share the announcement with another class by clicking the class name and selecting any additional classes.

  • If you decide to delete the announcement, simply click X.
  • If you want to post the announcement immediately, click Post.
  • If you want to save the announcement for a later date, click the arrow next to Post and select Save draft.

Draft announcements are saved and accessible in Drafts in the class stream. When an announcement is drafted by one teacher and posted by a co-teacher, the teacher posting the announcement is identified in the class stream as the author of the announcement.

Post a draft announcement

To post a draft announcement that you've previously created, click the class and then click Drafts. Click the draft announcement, enter any further information or edit the announcement, if needed, and click Post. Click Post again to confirm

Edit or delete an announcement

To edit or delete a posted announcement, locate the announcement and then click options.

  • To edit the announcement, select Edit, make any edits and click Save.
  • To delete the announcement, select Delete, and click Delete.

To edit a draft announcement, click the class and then click Drafts. Make any edits and then click Post to actually post the announcement. To save the announcement for a later date, click the arrow next to Post and click Save draft.

To delete the announcement, click X beside the draft announcement, and click Delete

Move announcements to the top of the class stream

By default, announcements in the class stream are arranged in order of the date and time they are posted. The most recent announcement you post, assignment you create, or question you ask, becomes the top item in the class stream. You can change the order of posts in the class stream by moving any item to the top of the stream. However, it only stays at the top until the next post is created.

To move an announcement to the top of the class stream, click the item in the class stream, click options and finally Move to top (as in the above image).


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