Now you have your class set up, you're ready to start giving work to your students. In Google Drive this is done by creating assignments. Assignments are created in your class stream. You can attach documents in the form of templates, worksheets and so on to the assignment and when your students turn their assignments in, you can grade them and return them to your students. This is all managed for you by Google Classroom.

Creating an assignment

To create an assignment, sign into Google Classroom and select your class. At the bottom of the Stream page, click the + sign and choose "Create an assignment" from the different options that are displayed.

When you've clicked the "Create an assignment" button, a dialogue box will appear as follows:

Fill in the title of your assignment and the description (which is optional and can give extra information about the assignment to your students if necessary). Next you can choose a due date and time (although these are not mandatory) and choose a document to attach. This document can be anything file type you wish, as well as a Google Drive document, a PDF file or a link to a YouTube video or any web resource.

Upload a file

To upload a file as part of the assignment, click attach, select the file and click Upload.

Link to a Google Drive item

To link to a Google Drive item (Doc, Sheet, Slide, Form, etc)

  • Click Drive.
  • Locate and select the relevant it em and click Add.
  • If you attach a Drive item that isn't a form, you can decide how students interact with it. Click Students can view file next to the attached item to choose an option: -- If you want all students to read the same file, but not change it, select Students can view file. -- If you want all students to make changes in the same file, select Students can edit file. -- If you want each student to have an individual copy of the file that they can change as needed, select Make a copy for each student.

Add a YouTube video

To attach a YouTube video, click Add YouTube video and choose one of these options:

To attach a video link: - Click URL. - Enter the link for the YouTube video and click Add.

To search for a video to attach: - Click Video search. - Enter keywords in the YouTube search bar. - Click the video that you want to attach and click Add.

Add a link to a web resource

To attach a link, enter the relevant link text and click Add.

(Note: If you decide that you don't need the attachment, click X next to the attachment to delete it.)

As you can see below, I've chosen to give the assignment name as the learning objective with a unique number at the end so that I can track it easier. I've assigned the children a task of completing a similarities and differences grid comparing three types of animal lifecycles. I've supplied them with three YouTube videos to watch, a web link to research from and a Google Doc file for them to fill in.

As you can see from the next screen grab, the next selection box allows you to add the assignments to other classes too at the same time. To assign this work to other classes, simply select the tick boxes. Also notice the "Draft saved" information at the bottom of the screen. Drafts are automatically saved on a regular basis so you can go back and reuse them whenever you like.

When you've filled in all of these options, click the ASSIGN button to send the assignment to your class. If you don't want to send it yet to your class, click the arrow next to Assign and select Save draft.

Looking at my class stream during the lesson, I can see immediately that 10 students have completed the work and 11 are still working on it.

Student's view

From a student's view, the assigment looks like this:

They click on the "Open" button which then presents them with their assignment. When they have finished their assignment, they click on the "Mark as done" button and it updates the teacher's class stream accordingly.

Complete and assign a draft assignment

Draft assignments are available in your class stream. Simply click on them and go through the same process as creating an assignment.

Modify an assignment

To edit an assignment, sign into classroom, select your class and then find the assignment in the class stream. Click on and then select "Edit". You can now edit the assignment and save it.

Delete a posted assignment

Be careful when deleting an assignment that has already been posted as all grades and comments pertaining to the assessment will also be deleted. Remember though that all files and attachments which the students added to the assessment will still be available in Google Drive.

To delete a posted assignment, simply find your assessment in the class stream, click on and click "Delete".

Delete a draft assignment

Although only available in the desktop version of Google Classroom, you can delete a draft assignment by clicking the X next to it.


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