In Google Classroom, you can ask quick questions to your students and these questions can also be graded and the grades returned to the student. The questions can be seen in the class stream and the answers can be viewed on the Student Answers page. Also on the Student Answers page you can see a quick overview of pupils who have or haven’t answered the question.

View answers

To get to the answers for a question that you've asked, navigate there by choosing Work from the left menu, then choose your class and find the question in the stream. Click on this and you'll see the Student Answers page. On the Student Answers page, you can review the following details:

  • Number of students who have or haven't answered the question.
  • Done—List of students who answered the question.
  • Not Done—List of students who haven’t answered the question.
  • Students’ answers.

You can click a pupil's name to see their full answer.

To comment on an answer, click , enter your comment, and click Post. Bear in mind though that all students can see your comment.

To add a private comment, click the student's name on the left, click Add private comment, enter your comment, and click Post.

To add a comment to the class, click Question at the top, click Add class comment, enter your comment, and click Post.

Grade and return an answer

To grade the question, click Add grade next to the student’s name, and enter the grade (the grades you enter are automatically saved). Check the box next to each student whose grade you want to return and click Return. Click Return again to confirm.

You can choose to finish grading and return the assignments to the students during another session. However, private comments entered during grading will not be saved unless you return the assignment to the students.

The default point value for each assignment is 100. To change it, click the point value and input another value, or select Ungraded, and click Update.

Change a grade

You can change the grade on an answer before or after it's returned to a student. To do this, go through the same process as above. When you've changed the grade, check the box next to each student whose grade you want to return and click Return.

Mute or unmute a student

To mute or unmute a pupil, select and either mute or unmute the student from the menu. You'll need to click again on a dialogue box that appears to confirm your action.

Export grades

To view the grades for all students in the class at a glance, you can export the grades from Classroom to Google Sheets or to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

You'll also notice that you can change options in this menu too. Here you can decide whether students can edit their answers and whether they can see and reply to other's questions.


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