Just like your local school classroom, in Google Classroom you can have more than one teacher in the class to help coordinate class activities. There are just a few things to bear in mind before adding extra teachers to a Google Classroom. Firstly, the primary teacher will own all class materials and the primary teacher's class and assignment folders will be shared with the additional teachers in Google Drive (which underlies all Google Classroom file sharing). Therefore, if the main class teacher moves a folder in Google Drive then additional teachers may lose access to student work. Furthermore any materials that additional teachers add to assignments or posts are shared and available in the primary teacher's class and assignment folder.

The process of adding an additional teacher is quite simple. Just click on the "Invite Teacher" button.

Next a dialogue box will pop up asking you to choose the teacher. (Make sure that you choose the "All Contacts" option to show all of your contacts.)

When you've chosen the teacher then click on the "Next" button and a confirmation dialogue will appear asking you to confirm that you want to add the teacher to the class. (Note - if you try to invite a teacher that isn't associated with your school then you'll get an error message to this effect. The teacher needs to be in the same domain as you.)

The additional teachers will be listed under your details. If you want to remove the teacher from the class at any time, simply click on the three dots and the option to remove the teacher will appear.

Additional teachers will receive an email invitation to join the class. The invited teacher must click a link in the email or sign in to Classroom and click Accept on the class card. (Note. Students will not see additional teachers in the class until they accept the invitation.)


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