Google Classroom Tutorial

Google Classroom is a free cloud based service from Google that aims to create a paperless classroom for students and educators. It brings together all Google Apps into a simple to use interface. The class is setup and managed through Google Classroom and assignments are created and distributed through Google Drive. Other Google products (such as YouTube and Gmail) are easily accessible through the Classroom interface.

This tutorial is aimed at primary school (K-12) teachers and contains information on setting up and using Google Classroom on a day to day basis. I've included screen shots and information from real classes that I have taught and have added some tips that I've found useful when setting up my classroom.

The tutorial is split up into two parts:

  1. Setting up your classroom
  2. Managing your workflow

Once you've read each part of the tutorial, clicking the back button will bring you back to this page. I'd recommend following the steps in the given order as it takes you through the process in a logical way.

Setting up your Google Classroom

The first part of the tutorial explains how to set up your classroom ready for teaching. Just like you do every September in a real classroom!

Managing your workflow

Once you've got your class set up, you're ready to start teaching. In Google classroom, students are given assignments which are graded and returned back to them. You can also make announcements to your class and ask them questions too - just like in a real classroom.

I hope that you've found this tutorial useful. Now that you've got the basics of Google Classroom, why not check out my other Google Classroom articles.