Google Classroom is a free web-based platform that helps to manage planning, resources, assignments and communication between yourself and your class. If your school, doesn't have one already, you'll need to sign up for a Google Apps for Education account to use Google Classroom which will give you all the Google Apps services including Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail and Calendar. Google Classroom is available on tablets, phones and desktops, making it mobile for both teachers and students.

Google Classroom helps to keep your digital classroom organised. It sits on top of Google Drive and creates folders for you for each class and each assignment to keep yourself and your students organised. Both yourself and students can attach files to classroom from your Google Drive and all files transferred through Google Classroom are automatically stored in Google Drive.

Teachers and students can keep track of all assignments that are due and teachers can see who has completed their work and feedback in real time to students. Work can be graded and resubmitted too, if required.

Here's an introductory video from Google to explain things visually:

Benefits of Google Classroom

The benefits of using Google Classroom are:

  1. Its easy to use and accessible from all devices
  2. There's no need for paper.
  3. You can communicate and share easily with your classes.
  4. Its simple to create and collect assignments.
  5. It has a simple user interface.
  6. Its great for comments.
  7. It integrates well with other Google products.

If you've made the decision to give Google Classroom a try, the first thing you'll need to do is set up a class.


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