Edit: Updated September 2017 as download location has changed

Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player that works out of the box for BBC iplayer, Netflix and Demand 5 but unfortunately has no direct support for ITV player. There is however a way to get ITV player working on the Amazon Fire TV by installing it as a plugin for Kodi and then side loading Kodi onto the Amazon Fire TV. You don't need to root your Amazon Fire TV box to do this either.

You will need:

  • Around 20 minutes
  • Amazon Fire TV box
  • Internet access

OK. Lets get started.

1. Download Kodi for Amazon Fire TV

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is open source home theatre software with hundreds of plugins available for it. The first step is to download the latest stable Kodi apk for Android Arm architecture from the Kodi website.

Save this file on your computer and remember its location.

2. Enable ADB Debugging on Amazon Fire TV

Next, you'll need to setup ADB debugging on the Amazon Fire TV. This is to allow you to connect and make modifications or sideload Kodi onto Amazon Fire TV. To this go to Settings -> Developer Options and turn ADB Debugging to ON.

Then go to Settings -> About – Network and note down the IP address of your Fire TV. As you can see, mine was

3. Sideload Kodi to your Amazon TV

Now download and install the Amazon Fire TV utility app. (This is Windows only, however if you have a Mac or Linux machine, you can use a similar utility called adbfire which will sideload Kodi for you too.)

Next click on File -> Connect and type in your IP address and choose Normal Debug mode. Now click Save and Close. A command prompt should popup to tell you that you have connected succesfully.

Next click on the select button and browse to your Kodi apk that you downloaded in the first step. Then click on the sideload 3rd party application.

You should see a message in a command prompt pop-up to tell you that you have made a successful Kodi installation.

After installing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV press both “Select” and “Play” button for more than 5 seconds to reboot it. Alternatively, pull out the power cable for a few seconds and then plug it back in again.

To launch Kodi go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage All Install Applications -> Scroll down and select Kodi -> Select Launch Application.

You are now ready to install the ITV player plug-in in Kodi.

4. Download and install ITV player app for Kodi

Download the latest version of the ITV player plugin for Kodi and save it to your hard drive. Now open Kodi and select SYSTEM > Settings

Click on Add Ons

Select install from zip file

Locate the zip file that you downloaded and select it

The add on enabled notification should now pop up for a few seconds in the bottom right hand corner. You have now successfully installed ITV player on Amazon Fire TV.

To enjoy ITV player on Amazon Fire TV, just navigate back to Video -> Addons

and ITV player should be there, ready to play.

Have fun!

PS. If you're looking for an excellent music video addon, then why not try the UK Music Video Jukebox addon for Kodi, with pop videos from over 5 decades.


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