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  1. On a school trip 272 people visit a museum. There are 223 children and 16 teachers, the rest are parents. How many parents are there?
  2. In a week Josh saves £5.75, on Monday he has £2.55 on Wednesday his mum gives him 75p. How much does he save the rest of the week?
  3. At a recent clean up of the playground. The 3 children collected 196 pieces of rubbish. Brandon collects 64 pieces, Amy 73, so how many has Navpreet collected?
  4. The teachers have 234 biscuits in the staff room. Mr Hall eats 51, Mrs Holgate eats 75, how many biscuits do the rest of the teachers eat?
  5. Dominica has 523 comics she lends 246 to Jada and 156 to Ryan, how many does she have left?
  6. Amy has £2.55. She buys a bag of crisps for 52p and a can of coke for 76p. How much change does she get?
  7. A T.V. costs £576. In the sale, it has £150 off. Miss Keddie buys the T.V. and a new sofa that costs £678. How much does she spend in total?

  1. I buy a twix for 56p and 2 mars bars that cost 49p each. How much change will I get if I pay with a five pound note?

  2. Willy Wonka had 3251 oompa loompas working in his factory. Around Christmas time it was getting busy so he employed an additional 2342 oompa loompas. However, in January he had to let 1785 of them go. How many oompa loompas now work in the factory?

  3. A chocolate factory usually produce 1568 caramel bars on a Saturday but on a Sunday production decreases and they make 325 fewer bars. How many bars are produced at the weekend in total?

  4. Sam is saving up to buy his mum some chocolates for her birthday. He has £3.45 in his piggy bank, his dad gave him £2.39 and his nan gave him £1.76. The chocolates cost £12.50. How much more does Sam need to save?

  5. Cadbury decide to launch a competition to win 1500 i pads. During the first week, there were 178 winners and during the second week 353 people won. How many i pads are left to win during the rest of the competition?

  6. Jamie buys a twirl for 38p and a double decker for 47p and a galaxy for 76p. He has £3.75 left. How much money did he have to begin with?