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Teacher resources.

Gordons division remainder bingo

Gordons multiplication and division bingo

Gordons number carroll diagrams

Gordons multiplication dartboard

Gordons times tables dartboard

Gordons function wheel

Gordons guess my number

Gordons hit the button

Gordons inverse machine

Gordons loop cards

Gordons matching pairs - calculation

Gordons triangular cards

Body Bop game

  • Stand up and mirror your teachers actions.
  • Choose a times table you want to practise,for example, the six-times table.
  • Touch your left foot and say 6, right foot and say 12, left knee, 18, right knee, 24, left thigh slap, 30, right thigh slap, 36.
  • Now start again but repeat the movements and chant to make it a little quicker.
  • Start again and after 36, touch your left elbow with your right hand and say 42, left hand touches right elbow and say 48.
  • Then it’s left hand touch left ear lobe, 54, right hand right ear lobe, 60. Left eye wink, 66, right eye wink, 72.
  • This works best when done at speed.
  • Repeat the actions but do them backwards.

NNS Multiplication Facts ITP

NNS Number Dials ITP

Use this as a teaching tool. Create a times table numberline and gradually cover the numbers up so that the children learn their times tables.

Student resources.

Multiplication Square Jigsaw:
Shape Times Shape:
Table Patterns Go Wild!:
That Number Square:
Light the Lights Again:

Gordons calculation balance

Wawne division strips Excel workbook

Click to download

Mathsphere Times Table booklet

Print the whole booklet out for each child or print the individual grids out.

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Times tables activity pack for homework

Useful for more able children who have a good grasp of their times tables.

NNS Number Grid ITP