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Freddy scored 28 456 points on the computer game. His friend Hugh scored 5000 points more than Freddy. How many points did Hugh score?
There were 85 356 people at the Liverpool match. There were 40 000 fewer people at the Manchester United match. How many people were at the Man U match?
A London post office delivered 1 750 000 Christmas cards on the Monday before Christmas and 300 000 more on the Tuesday. How many did the post office deliver on the Tuesday?
You could explore place value with a calculator. Ask the children to key in a six digit number for example 234 568. Next give them instructions such as ‘change the 4 into a 9’, ‘change the 2 into a 7’. Each time. ask them to explain what they did (take 4000 and add 9000 or add 5000 take 200 000 away and add 700 000 or add 500 000)

The dice generates a random number and the user has to make that number from blocks which correspond to hundred thousands, ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and units.