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You could show photographs of some famous buildings or the children to illustrate how objects or people are scaled down. Explain that, to describe how much something has been scaled down, we often use ratio or simple fractions.
You could set this problem: A tennis court is 7m wide and 24m long. A scale plan of it is drawn with a width of 3.5cm. What is its length? Agree that 7m has been divided by 100 to become centimetres and then halved. The same must therefore be done with 24m to give 12cm. You could repeat this type of problem with other similar scenarios.
The children could work in a small group to make 2D drawings of objects in the classroom. They measure heights and widths of their objects and then scale them down. They decide their own ratio for scaling down, for example, 1:2 (half the size) or 1:3 (one third of the size). Make the point that scaling down is the same as multiplying by a value less than 1.