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Length word problems

  1. If there are 60 brochures in a stack and each of them are 8 mm thick, how high is the stack?
  2. A plank of wood is 5 m long. If 150 cm is sawn off, how much is left?
  3. How many 20 mm pieces of gold wire can be cut from 1 m?
  4. If a fingernail grows 2 mm a week, how many cm would it grow in 1 year?
  5. One day I bought 3 sherbet sticks. Their lengths were 0.75 m, 50 cm and 75 cm. What was the total length? If sherbet sticks cost $2 a metre, how much did I spend?

Speed word problems

  1. If a snail travels 6 mm in 10 minutes, how far will it travel in 1 hour?
  2. If a car was travelling 60 km/h, how far would it have travelled after 10 minutes?
  3. Harriet walks at a speed of about 4 km/h. How long would it take for her to walk 20 km?
  4. If a truck was travelling 80 km/h, how long would it take for the truck to travel 560 km?
  5. Rahed is training for a 40 km marathon. He runs at an average speed of 6 minutes a km. What time can he expect to finish the marathon in?

We are going to cook a special birthday meal for a family of 8. There are three courses. Eight people want soup and six people want the macaroni cheese. Everyone wants the pudding. How much of each ingredients will we need to buy?

  1. A bus seats 52 people. If 17 people get off a full bus how many remain on the bus?
  2. I have read 134 pages of a book containing 512 pages. How many more pages will I have to read to finish the book?
  3. In my money box I have £9.65. I earn £5.75 for doing jobs around the house. How much money do I now have?
  4. A container of milk has 3.65 litres. If another 4.84 litres is added, how much milk is in the container now?
  5. My brother was 48 cm long when he was born. He is now 1.27 m tall. How much has he grown since birth?
  6. A water butt contains 7.95 litres of water. In a heavy downpour, 28 ml of rain fell. How much water is there in the water butt now?
  7. For my birthday I received £47.50 from friends and relations. I spent £14.75 on a T-shirt and £11.85 on a CD. How much money do I have left?
  8. At the supermarket, the shopping bill comes to £37.63. If I pay with a £50 note how much change should I get?
  9. At birth Alice weighed 3.84 kg, Alan weighed 4.18 kg. How much lighter was Alice?
  10. A desk is 0.87 m long. A wall is 3.84 m long. How much wall is left free after two desks are placed against it?

  1. What is £9.42p subtract £6.78p?
  2. A piece of skirting board is 5.38 m long. If a length 2.63 m is cut from this how much is left?
  3. I have cycled 4.6 km of a 72.5 km cycle ride. How much further do I have to cycle?
  4. A tree is 15.85 m tall. The house it stands next to is 11.39 m high. How much taller is the tree than the house?
  5. At the supermarket my shopping bill came to £92.46. Of this £38.83 was for shopping I bought for my mother. How much did I spend on my shopping?
  6. Alex’s weight was 36.35 kg. One week he gained 1.47 kg, the next he lost 0.78 kg. What is his new weight?