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Gordons multiplication and division bingo

Gordons number carroll diagrams

Gordons doubling and halving dartboard

Gordons times tables dartboard

Gordons function wheel

Gordons inverse machine

Gordons loop cards

Gordons matching pairs - calculation

Gordons odd one out

Gordons triangular cards

Body Bop game

  • Stand up and mirror your teachers actions.
  • Choose a times table you want to practise,for example, the six-times table.
  • Touch your left foot and say 6, right foot and say 12, left knee, 18, right knee, 24, left thigh slap, 30, right thigh slap, 36.
  • Now start again but repeat the movements and chant to make it a little quicker.
  • Start again and after 36, touch your left elbow with your right hand and say 42, left hand touches right elbow and say 48.
  • Then it’s left hand touch left ear lobe, 54, right hand right ear lobe, 60. Left eye wink, 66, right eye wink, 72.
  • This works best when done at speed.
  • Repeat the actions but do them backwards.

NNS Grouping ITP

NNS Multiplication Facts ITP

NNS Number Dials ITP

Student resources.

Two Numbers Under the Microscope:
Ring a Ring of Numbers:
More Numbers in the Ring:
Doing and Undoing:

Gordons calculation balance

Wawne division strips Excel workbook

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NNS Number Grid ITP