Year 3 Measurement Return to Primary Maths Resources

Teacher resources.

Generates word problems and shows the clocks on the screen to work these out from.

Student resources.

Real life time problems

  1. Maths starts at 10.25am and lasts for 45 minutes. At what time does Maths finish?
  2. Science lasts for 55 minutes and ends at 3.30pm. At what time does Science start?
  3. Year 5 have a 40 minutes Maths lesson every day. In one week at school how long will Year 5 have spent in Maths?
  4. Class 7 needs to get to the museum at 11.30am. It is a 17 minute walk from the museum. At which time must Class 7 leave school if they are to arrive at the museum at exactly 11.30am?
  5. Shameila left home at 10am. She spent 10 minutes walking to Stacey’s house and then stayed with Stacey for 2 hours. Shameila then spent another 10 minutes walking home. At what time did Shameila arrive home?
  6. Class 5 are meant to have 1 hour of English each day. Last week however, one of their lessons was cut in half because they had a special assembly. How long did Class 5 spend in English last week?

Real life time problems

  1. Lisa and Brian went to see a film which lasted 2 hours and 12 minutes. The film ended at 23:04. What time did the film start?
  2. John and Ros are flying to Australia for a holiday. They must arrive at Gatwick Airport 2 hours before the flight takes off at 22:45. It takes 3 hours 50 minutes to reach the airport. What time must they leave home?
  3. A television programme starts at 07:10 and finishes at 09:25. How long is it on for?
  4. A postman starts work at 05:30 and finishes at 09:35. He then goes back to do his second delivery at 12:15 and finishes at 16:28. How long does he actually work?
  5. A television programme starts at 7:10 and finishes at 9:25. How long is it on for?
  6. A teacher arrives at work at 7:50. She works till 5:45. How long is she at school?