These resources are really useful for the KS2 maths class. Each of the resources share three things in common: you can generate an infinite number of questions, you get all the answers and they are completely free! You can use them for maths starters, for revision, as part of a carousel of activities or to print out for worksheets.

Most of the activities are differentiated and some are suitable for KS3 maths too so are a wonderful way to extend your more able children.

Maths Bot - IWB

The first KS2 maths resource is Maths Bot IWB which generates three levels of difficulty for a whole host topics including adding coins, converting between fractions, decimals and percentages, four operations, factors and halving. These questions are differentiated three ways and can be projected onto the interactive white board and a timer set. When the time is up, the answers are shown on the board. Other options include varying the number of and difficulty of the questions. I tend to use this one as part of a carousel of maths activities but its also very useful for maths revision and as a maths starter.

Maths Bot - Starter

The next resource (Maths Bot Starter from the same site) is very similar to the first one but the questions are shown in a grid format and they are not differentiated. I find that I've got to experiment a little with this one to make sure that the questions are in the reach of all of the students in the class.

Maths Bot - AfL

Another resource from the Maths Bot site is the AfL Checkup. There is the ability to choose from a wide range of topics in a similar way to the first two although only one question is displayed on the screen at a time and is timed. This is great for use with mini-whiteboards and the 3-2-1 show me method.

Mr Carter Maths

On the Mr Carter Maths site three differentiated sets of questions are shown on the whiteboard labelled as bronze, silver and gold. There is a great selection of topics here although the majority of them are for secondary subjects. However there is a small section for lower primary and there are some secondary topics which are relevant to KS2.

Transnum Starter of the Day

Every day a different starter is generated on the starter of the day website to greet your class when they walk through the door. I've found some of these really hard for KS2 children so it helps to click around until you find one that's suitable for your class.

So that's it. Why not try them out as a KS2 maths starter or as part of the main course? And thanks to all the sites linked to here for providing these services at no cost.


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