The Maths Maven is always finding herself in the middle of a fun new mystery — and she counts on her "super sleuths" to crack the case. This website has 27 different audio visual maths puzzles for children across the KS2 age range. Each mystery focuses on a particular area of math reasoning and problem solving.

Maven's Maths Mysteries can be either a teacher-led or independent student activity, depending on the reading level of the students. With younger students, teachers will want to read the mystery aloud to the students, then discuss as a class the problem posed in the mystery and possible strategies for reaching a solution. Older students can read the mystery and solve the maths problem individually or in small groups.

Once a solution has been reached, students can also discuss their strategy to reinforce the problem-solving skills they used. Then they should be prepared to describe in writing the strategy they used. Younger students might create a response as a group with teacher guidance, while older students should be able to write their own strategies independently.

Finally, students can return to the mystery online and click the answer that matches theirs. If their answer is incorrect, they'll be encouraged to return to the mystery and try again. If their answer is correct, they'll receive a "Way to Go!" from the Math Maven.


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