Imagine teaching a maths lesson where the children are using their ipads as interactive whiteboards, working through a problem that you've set them. When asked for their answers, the children simply press a button on their ipads and their work is shown on the interactive whiteboard for the whole class to review. This is all possible now using the AirPlay feature on your ipad, along with some inexpensive software for the PC.

Using AirPlay on the ipads helps teachers create a more pupil centered 1:1 learning experience. Teachers can easily project lessons and apps from their iPads onto the interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Students can also display their work from their ipads on to the interactive whiteboard too, allowing for immediate formative assessment and peer learning.

To put this scenario into practice, a Windows application called AirServer needs to be installed onto the windows machine connected to the Interactive Whiteboard. This server is given a name (such as classroom1). Pupils with ipads simply swipe from the bottom of the ipads, select mirroring and then select the name of the server (eg. classroom1) to mirror to this machine.

This video below shows how simple it is for students to turn the mirroring feature on:


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