Puzzleboxx is a collection of puzzles and problem solving activities suitable for upper KS2 children. Well suited for maths groupwork, they are arranged into visual, word based, practical, logical and lateral problems so there's something here to suit everyone.

Depending on the types of strategy, different approaches are suggested. For example, if you're looking at a picture problem then take a different look at it - turn it at an angle - or sideways - or upside down - or look at it from a different direction - or half-close your eyes. Try drawing this type of problem or even sketching or doodling it.

Each problem has a clue associated with it and the answer for each problem solving activity is also available.

Enough time should be given for children to complete these activities. Make them realise that they shouldn't just give up. If they finish early get them to check their work to make sure that they've actually solved the problem and then to use the correct vocabulary detailing how they solved the problem.


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