Promoting and marketing your ebook on Facebook is a great way to bring potential readers face to face with your e-book. Whether you're selling your book through Amazon or through another website, you need to let people know that it exists and, what better way to do this, than through Facebook, the largest social network in the world.

This article will show you how to create a Facebook page in order to promote your e-book, and then how to engage with your readers through Facebook too.

Creating a Facebook page to market your e-book

You've probably seen Facebook Pages around on Facebook. Facebook Pages are for businesses and brands and are seperate from a personal account. Many authors have Facebook pages too and creating one yourself to promote your ebook is simple and free. When you've set up your page, visitors can click the Like button to show their friends that they like you and for your updates to appear in their feeds.

Unless you're only going to ever write one book, don't name your Facebook page after your individual book's name. Name it after yourself so that you can gain fans and followers. Creating a page for each book can be time consuming and will be more effort to market.

To create a page, go to Facebook Pages and follow the simple process outlined there.

After you’ve created the page, you can add extra information about both yourself and your book.

Ask People to Like Your Facebook Page

Now the Facebook page for your ebook is up and running, ask your friends and family to Like your page. You can do this by adding a link on your Facebook profile to your new page and then get people to Like it. When you have around 20 likes, you can then publicise it more widely. Don't start to publicise it without any likes otherwise it will look like a lost cause. Put a Like button on your website too, if you have one.

Get a Unique URL for your Facebook page

It's easier for people to find your Page when it has a unique username. Pages with usernames can also create custom URLs that let people quickly visit and message them. When you're on your page, you'll see a Page Tips box on the left that looks like this:

To get your unique URL, click on this link and you'll be guided to through the process of getting a unique username. You'll receive this immediately and can start using it straight away as a URL to promote.

How to engage with your readers

Asking people to like your page is the first step in engaging with them. Next you need to encourage them to buy your book and then your next book and then the next one... Your page has to be kept updated otherwise people will forget about your book. Also, if all you do is update your feed with promotional or irrelevant messages then they'll probably unlike you or hide your updates.

Your feed should be updated daily or once every couple of days. It doesn't need to take long and there are lots of different things that you can do you to engage with your readers such as:

  • Add pictures of your new book cover.
  • Add an update of how your next e-book is progressing.
  • Add a link to a new blog post

Asking questions to start a conversation

Asking questions on your feed is a really good way to involve your followers. Some ideas for the types of questions to ask include:

  • What did they learn from reading your e-book?
  • What did they enjoy most about it?
  • What was their biggest struggle with a certain topic?
  • What is their favorite blog about a certain topic?

As well as involving them, these questions may be useful to spark ideas for new blog entries or even your new publication. Remember to check back regularly for updates and to acknowledge all posts, even with a simple Thankyou.

Using polls for closed questions

Although not very useful for open ended questions, polls are great for asking your readers to choose a response from a list or for a simple Yes/No answer. You can use the responses to gather information or just use them to encourage participation.

To create a poll, go to Simple Polls and fill in the details.

NB. When you share a piece of news, such as a new e-book release, ask your readers to let their friends know by adding “Please share!” to the end of your post. Don't overuse this though, as it readers will tire of it.

As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook to promote your new ebook without spending any money at all. Following the above tips will result in a whole new audience for your new publication.


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