Although Scratch isn't officially available on ipads (unlike its little brother Scratch Jr) there is another app that is based on the Scratch source code and runs on ipads. Pyonkee looks exactly like the Scratch interface, reduced to fit on the smaller ipad screen with a different set of characters.

Use exisiting Scratch projects

Users can program by dragging commands from the left of the screen in the same way that they do on the desktop version of Scratch. In the latest version of Pyonkee (version 1.9) programmers are able to import existing Scratch projects using Air Drop. This ability to save and share projects makes it much easier for teachers to set assignments and share them with students. The app is also multilingual too, perfect for EAL students.

Use the ipad's native features

The other great thing about programming on the ipad with Pyonkee is that programmers can utilise the acceleration and gyro sensors on the ipads, something that can't be achieved on the desktop version of Scratch. Users can also access the camera roll and import pictures from the ipad too.

Ready for classroom use

At the time of writing, Pyonkee is only a year old, has over 128,000 downloads and is gaining in popularity. Its completely free, so why not give it a go and install it on your school ipad now.


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