Do you want to skip ads on ITV player for free? If the answer to this question is a resounding YES then you've come to the right place.  As you may know, ITV do offer a subscription service which removes the ads on their player but this costs money. But there is another way.... in fact, there are two other ways!

The first way to have no ads on ITV player works on your computer only and it is not guaranteed. The second option works on lots of other devices and works really well. Let's have a look at both options.

(Disclaimer: ITV rely on ads to provide their service so please bear this in mind when reading this post.)

Skip ads on ITV player using ad blockers

If you're using your desktop computer, you can skip ads by using an advert blocker. The  Opera browser comes with one built in and other browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari have ad-blockers extension that can be added.

Unfortunately, the ITV hub has become wise to this and has put lots of technical workarounds in place to try and stop this. This includes scanning your browser and refusing to play if an ad blocker is detected. Chrome seems to get detected the most but some people have had success with Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Stop ads on ITV player using Kodi

The most successful way to prevent ads playing on the ITV hub is by using the popular open source media centre software known as Kodi. This software can run on anything from your Android phone to your home PC, and plenty of other devices in between. This pretty much guarantees that ads won't play on ITV player as it strips them out completely.

So, are you ready for an ad-free ITV experience? Then lets go!

1. Download and install Kodi

You may have a Kodi device in which case you can skip this step. (At around £40, these cheap android devices are great for watching ITV player and other streaming channels and the amount of time they save in your life pays for the cost of the box.) So, to download and install Kodi, follow the instructions on the Kodi website.

2.Download the ITV player plugin for Kodi

Once you have Kodi installed, you need to install the ITV Player plugin. Download the latest zip file and save it to your computer. Now open Kodi and select SYSTEM > Settings

Click on add ons

Select install from zip file

Locate the zip file that you downloaded and select it

The add on enabled notification should now pop up for a few seconds in the bottom right hand corner. You have now successfully installed ITV player on Amazon Fire TV.

To enjoy ITV player without ads, just navigate back to Video -> Addons

and ITV player should be there, ready to play.

So now you're all set up with no ads on ITV player.

PS. If you're looking for an excellent music video addon for Kodi, then why not try the UK Music Video Jukebox, with pop videos from the last 5 decades.


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