English to Spanish: 5000 Most Common Words in Alphabetical Order

This ordered dictionary of the most common 5,000 English words was created because I needed a word list of the most frequent used words & verbs in English, to help me learn Spanish in the shortest amount of time possible.

Using a memory palace with loci for each of the starting two letters of each Spanish word, as described here is a great way of doing this. By only studying the words you will actually use, it is possible to gain a good grasp of a language in a short amount of time.

This word lists includes the most frequently used words, most frequently used nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and numbers.

English PoS Spanish
[rd person] (dir obj-f) pron la
[rd person] (dir obj-m) pron lo
[rd person] (indir obj) pron le
a, an art un
abandoned adj abandonado
abandonment, desertion nm abandono
ability, skill, talent nf habilidad
abortion nm aborto
about, around, round adv alrededor
about, concerning prep acerca
above, on top, in addition adv encima
absence nf ausencia
absolute adj absoluto
absolutely, completely adv absolutamente
abstract adj abstracto
absurd adj absurdo
abundance nf abundancia
abundant, plentiful adj abundante
abuse, misuse nm abuso
abyss, large gap nm abismo
academic adj académico
academic chair nf cátedra
academic degree nm bachillerato
academy nf academia
accent, stress nm acento
acceptable, suitable adj aceptable
acceptance, approval nf aceptación
access, entry nm acceso
accessible adj accesible
accident, irregularity nm accidente
accomplice nc cómplice
accord, de a.: in agreement nm acuerdo
according to prep según
account, chronicle nf crónica
accumulation nf acumulación
accusation nf denuncia
accusation, charge nf acusación
acid nm ácido
acquisition nf adquisición
act, action nm acto
action, act, deed nf acción
active adj activo
activity, action nf actividad
actor nm actor
actress nf actriz
adaptation nf adaptación
additional adj adicional
additional, complementary adj complementario
adequate, suitable adj adecuado
adjustment, regulation nf regulación
administration nf administración
administrative adj administrativo
administrator, manager nm/f administrador
admirable adj admirable
admiration nf admiración
adolescence nf adolescencia
adolescent nc adolescente
adoption nf adopción
adult, grown-up nm adulto
adustment, settlement nm ajuste
advance, progress nm avance
advanced adj avanzado
advantage, benefit nf ventaja
adventure nf aventura
adversary nm adversario
advertisement, announcement nm anuncio
advertising adj publicitario
advertising, propaganda nf propaganda
advertising, publicity nf publicidad
advice, council, counsel nm consejo
advisable adj recomendable
adviser, consultant nm/f asesor
advisor, counselor nm/f consejero
aerial, air adj aéreo
aesthetics nf estética
affection, fondness nm afecto
affectionate adj cariñoso
aforementioned, said adj dicho
African adj africano
after adv después
after, behind prep tras
afternoon, evening nf tarde
afterwards adv posteriormente
against, opposite prep contra
age nf edad
agency, branch nf agencia
agent nc agente
aggression, attack nf agresión
aggressive adj agresivo
agrarian, agricultural adj agrario
agreeable, pleasant adj grato
agreement nm convenio
agreement, accord nm acorde
agricultural, farming adj agrícola
agriculture, farming nf agricultura
aide, auxiliary nm/f auxiliar
air, wind, appearance nm aire
airport nm aeropuerto
al f.: finally, in the end nmf final
al r.: backwards, upside down, inside out nm revés
alarm nf alarma
alcohol nm alcohol
alert nf alerta
alive, bright adj vivo
all, every adj todo
alleged, presumed adj presunto
alliance nf alianza
allusion, hint nf alusión
ally nm aliado
almost, nearly adv casi
already, still adv ya
also adv también
also, as well, besides adv además
altar nm altar
alteration, change nf alteración
alternating, alternative adj alternativo
alternative nf alternativa
alternative, cure, solution nm remedio
always, forever adv siempre
amazement, astonishment nm asombro
amazing adj asombroso
ambassador nm/f embajador
ambition nf ambición
ambition, aspiration nf aspiración
ambitious, greedy adj ambicioso
American adj americano
analysis nm análisis
analyst nc analista
ancestor nm antepasado
and conj y
Andalusian adj andaluz
Andean adj andino
anecdote nf anécdota
anew, again adv nuevamente
angel nm ángel
angle nm ángulo
anguish, distress nf angustia
animal nm animal
anniversary nm aniversario
annoyed, bothered, upset adj molesto
annual, yearly adj anual
anonymous adj anónimo
answer, reply nf respuesta
ant nf hormiga
antecedent nm antecedente
antenna nf antena
antiquity, seniority nf antigüedad
anxiety nf ansiedad
anxiety, anguish nf ansia
anxious, eager adj ansioso
any, anyone adj cualquiera
apart, aside, separately adv aparte
apartment nm apartamento
apology, excuse nf disculpa
apostle nm apóstol
apparatus, device nm aparato
apparent adj aparente
apparently adv aparentemente
appearance, apparition nf aparición
appearance, aspect nf apariencia
appetite nm apetito
applause, praise, acclaim nm aplauso
apple, (city) block nf manzana
application nf aplicación
applied adj aplicado
appointment, date, quotation nf cita
appointment, nomination nm nombramiento
appropriate adj apropiado
appropriate, fit, able adj apto
approval, consent nf aprobación
approximately adv aproximadamente
April nm abril
Arab adj árabe
arch, arc, bow nm arco
archaeological, archeological adj arqueológico
architect nm/f arquitecto
architectural adj arquitectónico
architecture nf arquitectura
archive, file, filing cabinet nm archivo
area, zone nf área
area, zone nf zona
Argentine adj argentino
argument, plot nm argumento
arm nm brazo
armchair, seat nm sillón
armed adj armado
army nm ejército
aroma nm aroma
arrangement nm arreglo
arrival nf llegada
arrow, dart nf flecha
art, skill nm arte
article, product, item nm artículo
articulation, joint nf articulación
artificial adj artificial
artisan, craftsman nm/f artesano
artist, performer nc artista
artistic adj artístico
as well, also, moreover adv asimismo
ash nf ceniza
Asian, Asiatic, adj asiático
aspect, appearance nm aspecto
assault, robbery nm asalto
assembly nf asamblea
assembly, staging nm montaje
assessment, valuation, evaluation nf valoración
assistant nc asistente
associated adj asociado
association nf asociación
athlete nc atleta
atmosphere, environment nf atmósfera
atom nm átomo
atomic, nuclear adj atómico
atrocity nf barbaridad
attack, offence nm atentado
attack, raid nm ataque
attempt, try nm intento
attendance, assistance nf asistencia
attention nf atención
attentive, polite adj atento
attitude nf actitud
attraction nf atracción
attractive adj atractivo
attribute, quality nm atributo
auction nf subasta
audience, hearing nf audiencia
August nm agosto
aunt nf tía
authentic adj auténtico
authority nf autoridad
authorization nf autorización
authorized adj autorizado
auto, car nm auto
automatic adj automático
automatically adv automáticamente
automobile nm automóvil
autonomous adj autónomo
autonomy, range nf autonomía
autumn nm otoño
availability nf disponibilidad
available adj disponible
avenue nf avenida
average, a m.: halfways nf media
average, medium, ordinary adj mediano
average, middle, nm promedio
awake adj despierto
awarding, concession nf concesión
aware of, pending adj pendiente
axis, shaft, crux nm eje
baby nc bebé
baby, small child nm/f nene
back (body) nf espalda
back, behind, ago adv atrás
back, loin, spine nm lomo
bad adj malo
badly adv mal
bag, purse nm bolso
bag, purse, stock exchange nf bolsa
balance nm equilibrio
balcony nm balcón
ball nm balón
ball nf pelota
ball, sphere nf bola
ballet nm ballet
balloon, globe nm globo
band, sash nf banda
bank, banking nf banca
bank, banking adj bancario
bank, bench nm banco
bank, box, safe nf caja
bar, café nm bar
bar, rod, rail nf barra
barefoot adj descalzo
bark, crust, rind, peel nf corteza
baroque, elaborate adj barroco
barrier, obstacle nf barrera
base, basis nf base
basic, essential adj básico
basically adv básicamente
Basque adj vasco
bathroom, bath, swim nm baño
battery nf pila
battery, gun deck nf batería
battle nf batalla
bay nf bahía
beach, seaside nf playa
bear nm oso
beard nf barba
bearer, carrier nm portador
beast, brute nf bestia
beautiful, fine adj bello
beautiful, lovely adj hermoso
beautiful, precious adj precioso
beauty nf belleza
because conj porque
bed (furniture) nf cama
bed, couch nm lecho
bed, ditch nm cauce
bedroom, dormitory nm dormitorio
bedsheet nf sábana
beer, ale nf cerveza
before adv antes
before, in the presence of prep ante
beforehand, in advance adv antemano
beginning, principle nm principio
beginning, start nm inicio
behavior, conduct nm comportamiento
behind adv detrás
behind, back adj trasero
being nm ser
belief nf creencia
believer, follower nc creyente
bell nf campana
belt nm cinturón
benefit, lending of service nf prestación
benefit, profit nm beneficio
benefit, use nm provecho
best, better (ADV) adj mejor
between, among prep entre
Bible nf biblia
biblical adj bíblico
bicycle nf bicicleta
bill, account nf cuenta
biography nf biografía
biological adj biológico
biology nf biología
bird nm ave
bird nm pájaro
birth nm parto
birth, origin nm nacimiento
birthday nm cumpleaños
bishop nm obispo
bitter, sour, painful adj amargo
bitterness, sorrow nf amargura
black adj negro
blame, fault nf culpa
blanket nf manta
blessing, benediction nf bendición
blind adj ciego
block nm bloque
blockade, block nm bloqueo
blog nm blog
blond, fair adj rubio
blood nf sangre
blood, bloody adj sanguíneo
blue adj azul
boarding house nf pensión
boat, container nm bote
boat, ship nm barco
body nm cuerpo
Bolivian adj boliviano
bomb, explosion, pump nf bomba
bond, certificate, voucher nm bono
bone nm hueso
book nm libro
bookstore nf librería
boot, wineskin nf bota
border adj fronterizo
border, frontier nf frontera
boring, bored adj aburrido
both adj ambos
bother, nuisance, trouble nf molestia
bottle, flask nf botella
bottle, jar, flask nm frasco
bottom, butt nm culo
bottom, end nm fondo
bow, knot, tie, lasso nm lazo
boy nm chico
boy nm muchacho
boyfriend, groom nm novio
brain nm cerebro
branch, bough, limb nf rama
brave, courageous, bold adj valiente
Brazilian adj brasileño
bread nm pan
breakfast nm desayuno
breakup, rupture nf ruptura
breast, bosom, cavity nm seno
breath, courage, spirit nm aliento
breeding, raising nf cría
breeze, air nf brisa
brick nm ladrillo
bridge nm puente
brief, short adj breve
bright, luminous adj luminoso
brightness, radiance nm resplandor
brilliant, inspired adj genial
brilliant, shiny, sparkling adj brillante
British adj británico
broadcast, emission nf emisión
broadcast, transmission nf transmisión
broken, torn adj roto
broker, corridor, runner nm/f corredor
bronze nm bronce
brook, stream, gutter nm arroyo
brother-in-law nm/f cuñado
brother, [pl] siblings nm hermano
brown, dark, dim adj pardo
browser, navigator nm/f navegador
brusque, abrupt, sudden adj brusco
brutal, coarse, clumsy adj bruto
brutal, savage adj brutal
bubble nf burbuja
budget nm presupuesto
bug, creature nm bicho
builder, construction nm/f constructor
building nm edificio
bulk, shape nm bulto
bull nm toro
bullet, shot nf bala
bunch (of flowers), branch nm ramo
burial nm entierro
burst, gust nf ráfaga
bus nm autobús
business, transaction nm negocio
but, except, rather conj sino
but, however conj mas
but, yet, except conj pero
butterfly, wing nut nf mariposa
buttocks, backside, bottom nf nalgas
button nm botón
buyer nm comprador
by chance, maybe adv acaso
by means of prep mediante
by, for, through prep por
cabinet, den, office nm gabinete
cable, wiring nm cable
cage, crate, playpen nf jaula
calculation, calculus nm cálculo
calendar nm calendario
call, calling nm llamado
call, knock nf llamada
call, summons nf convocatoria
calm, lull nf calma
calm, tranquil, relaxed adj tranquilo
calmly, peacefully adv tranquilamente
camera, chamber nf cámara
camp, camping nm campamento
campaign nf campaña
can (tin) nf lata
Canadian adj canadiense
cancer nm cáncer
candidacy nf candidatura
candidate nm candidato
candidate, applicant nc aspirante
candle, sail, vigil nf vela
candy, sweets nm dulce
cane, reed nf caña
canvas, painting nm lienzo
canyon, cannon nm cañón
capable, able adj capaz
capacity nf capacidad
capital, city (f), money (m) nmf capital
capitalism nm capitalismo
capitalist adj capitalista
caprice, whim nm capricho
captain, chief nm capitán
capture, snapshot, screenshot nf captura
car, carriage nm coche
car, cart nm carro
carbon, coal nm carbono
card nf tarjeta
cardboard, carton, sketch nm cartón
cardinal nm cardenal
care, carefulness nm cuidado
career, course, race nf carrera
carefully adv cuidadosamente
caress, stroke nf caricia
carnival nm carnaval
cart, wagon nf carreta
case, occasion nm caso
Castilian, Spanish adj castellano
castle nm castillo
cat nm gato
Catalan adj catalán
catalog nm catálogo
catastrophe nf catástrofe
categorical adj rotundo
category nf categoría
cathedral nf catedral
Catholic adj católico
cause nf causa
caution, forethought nf precaución
cave nf cueva
celebrated, famous adj celebrado
celebration nf celebración
cell nf celda
cell (biology) nf célula
cellar, pantry, warehouse nf bodega
cement, concrete nm cemento
cemetery, graveyard nm cementerio
censorship, criticism nf censura
cent nm centavo
center, middle, downtown nm centro
centimeter nm centímetro
central adj central
century, age nm siglo
ceramics, pottery nf cerámica
cerebral adj cerebral
ceremony nf ceremonia
certain, sure, true adj cierto
certainly, indeed adv ciertamente
certainty nf certeza
certificate nm certificado
chain nf cadena
chair, seat nf silla
challenge, defiance nm reto
challenge, provocation nm desafío
champion nm/f campeón
championship nm campeonato
chance, coincidence nf casualidad
chancellor, ambassador nm/f canciller
change, en c: instead nm cambio
channel, canal nm canal
chaos nm caos
chapel nf capilla
chapter nm capítulo
character (e.g. movie) nm personaje
characteristic adj característico
characteristic, aspect nf característica
charity nf caridad
charm, spell nm encanto
chart, board, table, plank nf tabla
check nm cheque
checking revision nf revisión
cheek nf mejilla
cheese nm queso
chemical adj químico
chemistry, chemist nf química
chess nm ajedrez
chest, breast nm pecho
chicken nm pollo
child, little boy nm niño
child, young girl nf niña
childhood, infancy nf niñez
Chilean adj chileno
chimney, fireplace nf chimenea
Chinese adj chino
chocolate nm chocolate
choir, chorus nm coro
Christian adj cristiano
Christianity nm cristianismo
Christmas nf navidad
chronic adj crónico
church nf iglesia
cigarette nm cigarrillo
cigarette, cigar nm cigarro
cinema, US movie theater nm cine
cinematic adj cinematográfico
circle, club nm círculo
circuit, circumference, track nm circuito
circulation, traffic nf circulación
circumstance nf circunstancia
circus nm circo
citizen nm/f ciudadano
citizenship, citizens nf ciudadanía
city nf ciudad
city block nf cuadra
city council, town hall nm ayuntamiento
city wall nf muralla
civic, civil adj cívico
civil adj civil
civil servant nm/f funcionario
civilization nf civilización
claim, complaint, protest nm reclamo
classic adj clásico
classification nf clasificación
classroom nf aula
claw, fang nf garra
clay, mud nm barro
clean adj limpio
cleanliness, purity nf limpieza
clear adj claro
clearly adv claramente
clearness, clarity nf claridad
click nm clic
client, customer nc cliente
climate nm clima
climatic adj climático
climax, para c.: to top it all nm colmo
clinic nf clínica
clinical adj clínico
clipping, cutting, trimming nm recorte
cloak nm manto
clock, watch nm reloj
close, intimate adj íntimo
close, near adv cerca
closed adj cerrado
closet, cupboard nm armario
cloth, fabric nf tela
clothes, clothing nf ropa
cloud nf nube
club, society nm club
clue, track, trace nf pista
clumsy, awkward, slow adj torpe
coach, trainer, manager nm/f entrenador
coal, charcoal nm carbón
coalition nf coalición
coast nf costa
coastal adj costero
cocaine, coke nf coca
coconut nm coco
code nm código
coexistence, living together nf convivencia
coffee, cafe nm café
coffin, casket nm ataúd
coherent, connected adj coherente
coincidence nf coincidencia
coins, currency nf moneda
cold adj frío
collaboration nf colaboración
collaborator nm/f colaborador
collar, necklace nm collar
colleague nc colega
collection nf colección
collective, group nm colectivo
collective, joint adj colectivo
Colombian adj colombiano
colonel nm coronel
colonial adj colonial
colony, cologne nf colonia
color nm color
column, spine nf columna
combat, battle, fight nm combate
combination nf combinación
come on interj vamos
comedy, play, pretense nf comedia
comfort, consolation nm consuelo
comfort, convenience nf comodidad
comfortable, convenient adj cómodo
comic adj cómico
coming (from) adj procedente
coming from adj proveniente
command, authority nm mando
command, order nm comando
commander, commanding officer nc comandante
commerce, trade nm comercio
commercial, shopping adj comercial
commission, committee nf comisión
commissioner, delegate nm comisario
committed, engaged adj comprometido
committee, commission nm comité
common adj común
communication nf comunicación
communion nf comunión
communism nm comunismo
Communist adj comunista
community nf comunidad
compact, dense adj compacto
companion, classmate nm/f compañero
company nf compañía
company, signature, signing nf firma
comparison nf comparación
compassion nf compasión
compassion, mercy nf misericordia
compensation nf compensación
competent, able adj competente
competition, contest nf competencia
competition, contest nf competición
competition, gathering nm concurso
competitive adj competitivo
complaint nf queja
complement, supplement nm complemento
complete adj completo
complete, full adj pleno
completely adv completamente
complex nm complejo
complex, complicated adj complejo
complexity nf complejidad
complicated, complex adj complicado
complication nf complicación
component, ingredient nm componente
composer nm/f compositor
composite, mixed adj compuesto
composition, makeup, essay nf composición
comprehensive, integral, built-in adj integral
compromise, engagement nm compromiso
computer nf computadora
computer adj informático
computer nm ordenador
con r. a: regarding prep respecto
concentration, gathering nf concentración
concept nm concepto
conception nf concepción
concerning adj referente
concert, concerto nm concierto
conclusion, end nf conclusión
concrete, real adj concreto
condition nf condición
conduct, behavior nf conducta
confederation, alliance nf confederación
conference, lecture nf conferencia
confession, admission nf confesión
confidence, trust nf confianza
configuration, shape nf configuración
confinement, imprisonment nm encierro
conflict nm conflicto
confrontation nm enfrentamiento
confused, mixed up adj confuso
confusion nf confusión
confusion, trouble, upheaval nm trastorno
congregation nf congregación
congress nm congreso
connection, relationship nf conexión
conquest nf conquista
conscience, consciousness nf conciencia
conscious, aware adj consciente
consecutive adj consecutivo
consensus, consent nm consenso
consequence nf consecuencia
conservation nf conservación
conservative adj conservador
considerable adj considerable
consideration, regard nf consideración
console nf consola
constant adj constante
constantly adv constantemente
constitution nf constitución
constitutional adj constitucional
construction nf construcción
consultation, advice nf consulta
consumer nm consumidor
consumption nm consumo
contact nm contacto
contamination, pollution nf contaminación
contemporary adj contemporáneo
contempt, disdain nm desprecio
contents, content nm contenido
context nm contexto
continent nm continente
continental adj continental
continuation, follow-up nf continuación
continuity nf continuidad
continuous adj continuo
continuously adv continuamente
contract, agreement nm contrato
contradiction nf contradicción
contradictory adj contradictorio
contrary, opposite adj contrario
contrast nm contraste
contribution nm aporte
contribution nf contribución
contribution, support nf aportación
control nm control
controversial, polemical adj polémico
controversy nf controversia
convenience, usefulness nf conveniencia
convenient adj conveniente
convent, monastery nm convento
convention, assembly nf convención
conventional adj convencional
conversation nf conversación
conversion, change nf conversión
conviction nf convicción
cool, healthy, fresh adj fresco
cooperation nf cooperación
cooperative, co-op nf cooperativa
coordination nf coordinación
coordinator, organizer nm/f coordinador
copper nm cobre
copy nf copia
copy, issue nm ejemplar
cord, rope nf cuerda
cord, yarn, braid nm cordón
corn, maize nm maíz
corner nf esquina
corner, nook nm rincón
corporation nf corporación
corpse, body nm cadáver
corral, yard nm corral
correct, suitable adj correcto
correction, amendment nf corrección
correctly adv correctamente
correspondence, connection nf correspondencia
corresponding adj correspondiente
corruption nf corrupción
cost, price nm coste
Costa Rican adj costarricense
costly, expensive adj costoso
cottage nf casita
cotton nm algodón
cough nf tos
count nm conde
counter, desk nm mostrador
country nm país
couple, pair nf pareja
courage, toughness nm coraje
course, direction nm curso
court nm tribunal
court, tribunal, judge nm/f juzgado
courtesy title (f), Mrs. nf doña
courtesy title (m), Mr., gift nm don
courtyard, playground, yard nm patio
cousin nm primo
cover, lid nf tapa
cover, title page nf portada
coverage nf cobertura
covered adj cubierto
covering, top, lid nf cubierta
cow nf vaca
cradle, birth, lineage nf cuna
crash, collision nm choque
crazy, insane adj loco
cream nf crema
creation nf creación
creative adj creativo
creativity nf creatividad
creator nm creador
creature, child nf criatura
credibility nf credibilidad
credit, reputation nm crédito
crime, murder nm crimen
crime, offense nm delito
criminal adj criminal
crisis nf crisis
criterion nm criterio
critic nm crítico
critical adj crítico
criticism, critique nf crítica
cross, burden nf cruz
crossbred, double-breasted, crossed adj cruzado
crossing, intersection nm cruce
crown nf corona
cruel, harsh adj cruel
cry, shout, scream nm grito
crying, weeping nm llanto
Cuban adj cubano
cultivation, crop nm cultivo
cultural adj cultural
culture nf cultura
cultured, educated adj culto
cup, bowl nf taza
cup, glass, top (tree) nf copa
cupola, dome nf cúpula
curiosity, quaintness nf curiosidad
curious, strange adj curioso
currency, emblem nf divisa
current adj actual
current, common adj corriente
current, flow nf corriente
curtain, screen nf cortina
curve nf curva
cutting edge nm filo
cycle nm ciclo
d. a: due to adj debido
d. que: given that conj dado
dad nm papá
daily adj cotidiano
daily adv diariamente
daily adj diario
dam, prisoner (f) nf presa
dance nf danza
dance, ball nm baile
dancer nm/f bailarín
danger, menace nm peligro
dangerous adj peligroso
dark, brown adj moreno
dark, obscure adj oscuro
darkness nf oscuridad
data, fact nm dato
date, day nf fecha
daughter nf hija
dawn, daybreak nf alba
dawn, daybreak nf madrugada
day nm día
day, shift nf jornada
daybreak, dawn nm amanecer
de + r.: suddenly adv repente
dead adj muerto
deadline, installment nm plazo
deaf, dull adj sordo
death nf muerte
debate nm debate
debt nf deuda
decade nf década
deceased nm/f difunto
deceit, falsehood, hoax nm engaño
December nm diciembre
decision nf decisión
decisive, blunt, forceful adj contundente
decisive, conclusive adj decisivo
declaration, statement nf declaración
decline, decay nf decadencia
decline, descent, lowering nm descenso
decorated adj decorado
decoration nf decoración
decoration, adornment nm adorno
decree, order nm decreto
dedication, devotion nf dedicación
deed, heroic feat nf hazaña
deep adj hondo
deep, profound adj profundo
defeat, loss nf derrota
defect nm defecto
defendant, accused nm/f acusado
defender nm/f defensor
defense, plea nf defensa
defensive adj defensivo
deficiency, lack nf deficiencia
deficit, shortage nm déficit
definite adj definido
definitely, finally adv definitivamente
definition nf definición
definitive, conclusive adj definitivo
degree, grade nm grado
delay nm retraso
delegate, representative nm/f delegado
delegation nf delegación
delicate adj delicado
delicious, delightful, charming adj delicioso
delinquent nc delincuente
delirium, nonsense nm delirio
delivery nf entrega
democracy nf democracia
democratic adj democrático
demon, devil nm demonio
demonstration nf demostración
density, thickness nf densidad
department, apartment nm departamento
dependence, dependency nf dependencia
deposit, field nm yacimiento
deposit, sediment nm depósito
depression, slump nf depresión
depth, profundity nf profundidad
deputy, member nm/f diputado
descendant nc descendiente
description nf descripción
desert nm desierto
deserted, desolate adj desierto
design nm diseño
designer, stylist nm/f diseñador
desire nf ganas
desire, wish nm deseo
desk, bureau nm escritorio
desperate, hopeless adj desesperado
desperation, exasperation nf desesperación
dessert nm postre
destination, destiny nm destino
destruction nf destrucción
detail nm detalle
detailed, thorough adj detallado
detention, arrest nf detención
deterioration, damage nm deterioro
determination nf determinación
determined, fixed adj determinado
determined, resolute adj decidido
development nm desarrollo
device, mechanism nm dispositivo
devil nm diablo
devotion nf devoción
dew nm rocío
diabetes nf diabetes
diagnosis nm diagnóstico
dialogue, conversation nm diálogo
diameter nm diámetro
diary, agenda, schedule nf agenda
dictator nm dictador
dictatorship nf dictadura
dictionary nm diccionario
diet nf dieta
difference nf diferencia
different, separate adj diferente
different, various, several adj diverso
difficult, hard adj difícil
difficulty, obstacle nf dificultad
digital adj digital
dignity nf dignidad
dimension, size nf dimensión
diminutive, tiny, minute adj diminuto
dining room nm comedor
dinner nf cena
diplomatic adj diplomático
direct, straight adj directo
direction, address nf dirección
direction, course, bearing nm rumbo
directly, straight away adv directamente
director, manager, principal nm/f director
dirty, filthy, underhanded adj sucio
disappearance nf desaparición
disaster nm desastre
disc, disk, record nm disco
disciple nm/f discípulo
discipline, subject nf disciplina
discomfort, unease, unrest nm malestar
discovery nm descubrimiento
discreet, tactful adj discreto
discrimination nf discriminación
discussion, argument nf discusión
disgust nm asco
disgust, annoyance nm disgusto
disorder, mess nm desorden
disposal, disposition nf disposición
dispute, argument, quarrel nf disputa
distance nf distancia
distant adj lejano
distant, far, remote adj distante
distinct, different adj distinto
distinction nf distinción
distribution nf distribución
distribution, delivery nm reparto
district attorney, prosecutor nc fiscal
district, area nm distrito
distrust nf desconfianza
diversity, variety nf diversidad
divine adj divino
division nf división
divorce nm divorcio
doctor nm/f doctor
doctor nm/f médico
doctrine, teachings nf doctrina
document nm documento
documentary adj documental
documentation nf documentación
dog nm perro
doll, wrist nf muñeca
dollar nm dólar
domestic adj doméstico
dominant, prevailing adj dominante
Dominican adj dominicano
donation nf donación
donkey nm burro
door nf puerta
doorbell, bell, seal, stamp nm timbre
dose nf dosis
dossier, proceedings nm expediente
double adj doble
doubt nf duda
doubtful, dubious adj dudoso
doubtless, undoubtedly adv indudablemente
dove nf paloma
down, below, downward adv abajo
dozen nf docena
drama nm drama
dramatic adj dramático
drawer nm cajón
drawing, sketch nm dibujo
dreadful, awful adj pésimo
dream, sleep nm sueño
dress nm vestido
drink, beverage nf bebida
driver, conductor nm/f conductor
drop nf gota
drug nf droga
drug trafficking nm narcotráfico
drug, medicine nm fármaco
drum nm tambor
drunk adj borracho
dry, arid adj seco
duck nm pato
duke nm duque
dull, opaque, heavy adj opaco
duration, length nf duración
during prep durante
dust, powder nm polvo
Dutch adj holandés
duty, obligation nm deber
dynamic adj dinámico
dynamics nf dinámica
dynasty nf dinastía
each, every adj cada
eagerness, zeal, effort nm afán
ear nf oreja
early adj temprano
earth, land, ground nf tierra
earthly, of the earth adj terrestre
earthquake nm terremoto
ease, facility nf facilidad
easily adv fácilmente
East nm oriente
Eastern, oriental adj oriental
easy adj fácil
echo, response nm eco
ecological, organic adj ecológico
economic adj económico
economically adv económicamente
economist nm/f economista
economy, economics, thriftiness nf economía
ecosystem nm ecosistema
edge nm borde
edge, border, end nm extremo
edge, margin, border, brink nmf margen
editing, wording, essay nf redacción
edition, publication nf edición
editor, publisher nm/f editor
editorial adj editorial
education nf educación
educational adj educativo
effect nm efecto
effective adj efectivo
effective adj eficaz
efficiency nf eficiencia
efficiency, effectiveness nf eficacia
efficient adj eficiente
effort, endeavor nm esfuerzo
egg nm huevo
eh interj eh
eight num ocho
eighteen num dieciocho
eighty num ochenta
elbow nm codo
election, choice nf elección
electoral adj electoral
electric adj eléctrico
electricity nf electricidad
electron nm electrón
electronic adj electrónico
elegance, style nf elegancia
elegant, smart, stylish adj elegante
element nm elemento
elemental, basic adj elemental
elevated, high, lofty adj elevado
elevator nm ascensor
eleven num once
elimination nf eliminación
embarrassment nf vergüenza
embassy nf embajada
emergency nf emergencia
emotion, excitement nf emoción
emotional adj emocional
emperor nm emperador
emphasis nm énfasis
empire, fortune nm imperio
employee nm empleado
employer, landlord, patron saint nm patrón
emptiness, void nm vacío
empty, vacant adj vacío
en c. a: in terms of, regarding adj cuanto
en s.: right away, at once adv seguida
en t. a: around prep torno
end, a f. de: in order to nm fin
end, bit, llevar a c.: to carry out nm cabo
endless, interminable adj interminable
enemy nm/f enemigo
energetic adj energético
energy, power nf energía
engine, motor nm motor
engineer nm/f ingeniero
engineering nf ingeniería
English PoS Spanish
English adj inglés
enlargement, extension nf ampliación
enormous, vast adj enorme
enormously adv enormemente
enough adv suficientemente
entertainment nm entretenimiento
enthusiasm nm entusiasmo
entire, whole, complete adj entero
entity nf entidad
entity, being, firm nm ente
entrance, admission ticket nf entrada
entrance, admission, income nm ingreso
environment, atmosphere nm ambiente
environment, surroundings nm entorno
environmental adj ambiental
envy nf envidia
episode, incident nm episodio
equal, same (as) adj igual
equality nf igualdad
equally adv igualmente
equation nf ecuación
equivalent nm equivalente
error, mistake nm error
especially adv especialmente
essay, rehearsal nm ensayo
essence nf esencia
essential adj esencial
essential, indispensable adj imprescindible
essentially adv esencialmente
establishment nm establecimiento
esthetic adj estético
estimate nf estimación
eternal adj eterno
eternity nf eternidad
ethical adj ético
ethics nf ética
ethnic adj étnico
euro nm euro
European adj europeo
evaluation, assessment nf evaluación
evaluation, qualification nf calificación
eve nf víspera
even (if) adv siquiera
even (though), still adv aun
evening, dusk nm atardecer
event nm evento
event, happening nm acontecimiento
event, incident nm suceso
evidence, certainty nf evidencia
evident, obvious adj evidente
evidently, obviously adv evidentemente
evil nm mal
evil, wickedness nf maldad
evolution, development nf evolución
exact, faithful, true adj exacto
exactly adv exactamente
exactly, properly adv propiamente
examination, exam nm examen
example nm ejemplo
excellence nf excelencia
excellent adj excelente
except (for) prep excepto
except for, but prep salvo
exception nf excepción
exceptional, unusual adj excepcional
excess nm exceso
excessive adj excesivo
exchange, interchange nm intercambio
excited, lively adj animado
exclusive adj exclusivo
exclusively adv exclusivamente
excursion nf excursión
excuse nf excusa
executive adj ejecutivo
executive, manager nm/f directivo
executive, manager nm ejecutivo
exercise, practice nm ejercicio
exhibition, display nf exposición
exhibition, showing nf exhibición
exile nm exilio
existence, life nf existencia
existing adj existente
exit, escape, outcome nf salida
exotic adj exótico
expansion, spreading nf expansión
expectation, hope, prospect nf expectativa
expedition nf expedición
expense, expenditure nm gasto
expense, outlay, nm gastos
expensive, difficult, dear adj caro
experience nf experiencia
experiment nm experimento
experimental adj experimental
expert nm/f experto
explanation nf explicación
exploitation, cultivation nf explotación
exploration nf exploración
explosion nf explosión
export v exportar
export, exportation nf exportación
expression nf expresión
expressive adj expresivo
expulsion, ejection nf expulsión
exquisite, superb adj exquisito
extension, area, expanse nf extensión
extensive, large adj extenso
exterior, outside adj exterior
external, outward adj externo
extinction nf extinción
extra adj extra
extraordinary, exceptional adj extraordinario
extreme adj extremo
extremely adv extremadamente
extremely, highly adv sumamente
eye nm ojo
eyebrow, brow nf ceja
eyelash nf pestaña
eyelid nm párpado
fabric, tissue nm tejido
fabulous, fantastic adj fabuloso
façade, front of building nf fachada
face, countenance nm rostro
face, expression nf cara
face, grimace nf mueca
fact, happening nm hecho
faction, side nm bando
factor, cause, influence nm factor
factory, manufacture nf fábrica
faculty, ability nf facultad
failure, collapse nm fracaso
fair, festival nf feria
fair, just adj justo
faith nf fe
faithful, loyal adj fiel
faithfulness, accuracy nf fidelidad
fall, drop, falling nf caída
familiar, of the family adj familiar
family nf familia
famous, renowned adj célebre
famous, well-known adj famoso
fan, devotee nm aficionado
fantastic, unreal adj fantástico
fantasy, fancy nf fantasía
far (away, off) adv lejos
fare, passage, lane nm pasaje
farmer nm/f agricultor
fascinating adj fascinante
fashion, form nf moda
fast, quick adj veloz
fat, thick adj gordo
fateful, deadly, awful adj fatal
father nm padre
fatigue nf fatiga
fauna, wildlife nf fauna
favor, benefit nm favor
favor, mercy nf merced
favorable, suitable adj favorable
favorite adj favorito
fear nm miedo
fear nm temor
fearful adj temeroso
feature, faction nf facción
feature, trait nm rasgo
February nm febrero
federal adj federal
federation nf federación
feeding, food nf alimentación
feeling, sentiment nm sentimiento
fellow countryman nc compatriota
female cousin, down payment nf prima
female, woman nf hembra
feminine, female adj femenino
ferocious, fierce adj feroz
festival nm festival
fever, excitement nf fiebre
fiber, grain nf fibra
fiction nf ficción
fictitious adj ficticio
field, country nm campo
fierce, angry adj bravo
fifteen num quince
fifth adj quinto
fifty num cincuenta
fight, quarrel nf pelea
fight, struggle, wrestle nf lucha
figure nf figura
figure, number, amount nf cifra
film, movie nm film
filter, screening nm filtro
finally, at last adv finalmente
financial adj financiero
financing, funding nf financiación
finding, discovery nm hallazgo
fine, delicate adj fino
fine, penalty, citation nf multa
finger, toe, digit nm dedo
fire, conflagration nm incendio
fire, gunfire nm fuego
firefighter nm/f bombero
firewood nf leña
firm, company, venture nf empresa
firm, steady adj firme
firmness nf firmeza
first adj primero
fiscal, treasury adj fiscal
fish nm pez
fish nm pescado
fisherman nm/f pescador
fishing nf pesca
fist, handle, cuff nm puño
five num cinco
five hundred num quinientos
fixed, steady adj fijo
flag nf bandera
flame, llama nf llama
flat, level, plain adj llano
flat, plain, even, level adj plano
flaw, failure nf falla
fleet nf flota
fleeting, brief, adj fugaz
flexible adj flexible
flight nm vuelo
flight, escape nf fuga
flood, deluge nf inundación
floor, story nm piso
flora nf flora
flour nf harina
flow, tide, discharge nm flujo
flower nf flor
fly (insect) nf mosca
foam, lather nf espuma
focus nm foco
focus, approach nm enfoque
fog nf niebla
folder, file nf carpeta
follow-up nm seguimiento
follower, supporter, fan nm seguidor
following, next adj siguiente
fondness, interest nf afición
food adj alimentario
food, meal nf comida
food, nourishment nm alimento
foot, base nm pie
for, to, in order to prep para
force, strength, vigor nm vigor
forced, stiff adj forzado
forecast, precaution nf previsión
foreigner nm/f extranjero
forest nm bosque
forest adj forestal
forest, jungle nf selva
forgetfulness, omission nm olvido
forgiveness, pardon nm perdón
form, shape, way nf forma
formal, polite adj formal
format, form nm formato
formation, education nf formación
formidable, tremendous adj formidable
formula nf fórmula
fortress, strength nf fortaleza
fortune, fate nf fortuna
forty num cuarenta
forum nm foro
forward, further adv adelante
foundation nf fundación
foundation, ground nm fundamento
founder nm/f fundador
four num cuatro
fourteen num catorce
fourth adj cuarto
fraction nf fracción
fragile, weak adj frágil
fragment, passage nm fragmento
frame, mark, setting nm marco
frankly, openly adv francamente
fraud nm fraude
free, arbitrary, gratuitous adj gratuito
free, vacant adj libre
freedom, liberty nf libertad
freely adv libremente
French adj francés
frequency nf frecuencia
frequent adj frecuente
frequently, often adv frecuentemente
Friday nm viernes
fried adj frito
friend nm amigo
friend (f) nf amiga
friendship nf amistad
fright, ghost nm espanto
fright, scare nm susto
frightening, dreadful adj espantoso
from Madrid adj madrileño
from, since prep desde
front adv frente
fruit nf fruta
fruit, result nm fruto
frustrated adj frustrado
frustration nf frustración
fuel nm combustible
fulfillment, compliment nm cumplimiento
fulfillment, realization nf realización
full, filled adj lleno
full, overcrowded adj repleto
full, sick of adv harto
fullness, abundance nf plenitud
fully adv plenamente
fun, entertainment nf diversión
function, meeting nf función
functional adj funcional
functioning, operation nm funcionamiento
fundamental adj fundamental
fundamental, primary adj primordial
fundamentally, basically adv fundamentalmente
funds nm fondos
funny, amusing adj divertido
funny, charming, amusing adj gracioso
furious adj furioso
furniture nm mueble
fury, rage nf furia
fusion, union nf fusión
future nm futuro
future, time to come nm porvenir
gain, profit nf ganancia
gala (performance/dinner) nf gala
galaxy nf galaxia
gallery, balcony nf galería
game, match, departure nf partida
game, play, sport nm juego
garbage, rubbish nf basura
garden nm jardín
gas nm gas
gasoline nf gasolina
gaze, look nf mirada
gene nm gen
general adj general
general nm general
generally, usually adv generalmente
generation nf generación
generous adj generoso
genetic adj genético
genius, disposition nm genio
gentleman, knight nm caballero
geographical adj geográfico
geography nf geografía
germ, bacteria nf bacteria
German adj alemán
gesture nm gesto
gesture, expression nm ademán
ghost, phantom nm fantasma
ghost, specter nm espectro
giant nc gigante
giant, gigantic adj gigantesco
gift, present nm regalo
girl nf muchacha
girl, female nf chica
girlfriend, bride nf novia
glass, crystal, window nm cristal
glass, pane nm vidrio
glass, vase nm vaso
global, overall adj global
glorious adj glorioso
glory, fame nf gloria
glove nm guante
goal nm gol
goal, aim, purpose nf meta
god, divinity nm/f dios
goddess nf diosa
gold nm oro
golden, gold-plated adj dorado
good adj bueno
goodbye interj adiós
goodbye, farewell nf despedida
goodness, kindness nf bondad
goods, merchandise nf mercancía
goods, property nm bienes
goods, property, benefit nm bien
gospel nm evangelio
government nm gobierno
government, management nf gobernación
governmental, adj gubernamental
governor nm gobernador
graduate, lawyer nm/f licenciado
grain, kernel nm grano
grandchild nm nieto
grandfather nm abuelo
grandmother nf abuela
graphic, explicit adj gráfico
grass, pasture nm pasto
grateful, thankful adj agradecido
gray, gloomy adj gris
grease, fat nf grasa
greatness, size nf grandeza
Greek adj griego
green adj verde
greeting nm saludo
grief, affliction nm duelo
grill, railing nf reja
ground, earth, terrain nm terreno
ground, floor nm suelo
grounds, precincts nm recinto
group nm grupo
group, association nf agrupación
group, set nm conjunto
growing, increasing adj creciente
growth, increase nm crecimiento
grudge, spite nm rencor
guarantee, warranty nf garantía
guard, watch, lookout nc guardia
guardian nm/f guardián
Guatemalan adj guatemalteco
guerrilla nf guerrilla
guest nm invitado
guest, lodger nc huésped
guide, leader nc guía
guide, show the way v orientar
guideline, rule, standard nf pauta
guilty adj culpable
guitar nf guitarra
gulf, bay nm golfo
gun, pistol nf pistola
gun, rifle nm fusil
ha ha interj jaja
habit nm hábito
habit, custom, usage nf costumbre
habitually adv habitualmente
hair nf cabellera
hair nm cabello
hair nm pelo
half, middle adj medio
half, middle nf mitad
hall, corridor nm pasillo
hall, room nm salón
hand nf mano
handkerchief, shawl nm pañuelo
handle, mango nm mango
handling, management nm manejo
handling, manipulation nf manipulación
handsome, beautiful adj guapo
hanging adj colgado
happiness nf felicidad
happy, content adj contento
happy, fortunate adj feliz
happy, lively, cheerful adj alegre
hard adj duro
harden, make hard v endurecer
hardly, barely adv apenas
hardness, toughness nf dureza
harm, injury, damage nm daño
harmony nf armonía
harshness, rigor nm rigor
harvest, crop nf cosecha
hat, sombrero nm sombrero
hatred nm odio
he, [ellos] them (m) pron él
head (part of body) nf cabeza
head, header nf cabecera
headline, holder nm titular
headquarters, seat nf sede
health nf salud
health, sanitary, clean adj sanitario
healthy, wholesome adj saludable
healthy, wholesome adj sano
hearing, auditorium nm auditorio
hearing, ear nm oído
heart, core nm corazón
hearty laughter, guffaw nf carcajada
heat, warmth nm calor
heavenly, sky-blue adj celeste
heavy, boring, tiresome adj pesado
heavy, dense, thick adj denso
hectare nf hectárea
height, altitude nf altura
heir, heiress nm heredero
helicopter nm helicóptero
hell, inferno nm infierno
hello, hi interj hola
helmet nm casco
help, aid nf ayuda
help, aid, assistance nm auxilio
helper, assistant nc ayudante
hen, coward nf gallina
herb, grass, weed nf hierba
here adv aquí
here, around here adv acá
hero nm héroe
heroic adj heroico
hidden, occult adj oculto
hierarchy, rank nf jerarquía
high school nm liceo
highly adv altamente
highway, road nf carretera
hill nm cerro
hill, slope nf colina
hip nf cadera
hiring, recruitment nf contratación
his, hers, yours (−fam), theirs pron suyo
his/her/their/your (–fam) adj su
Hispanic adj hispano
Hispano-American adj hispanoamericano
historian nm/f historiador
historical adj histórico
history, story nf historia
hit, strike, punch nm golpe
hole, cavity nm hueco
hole, opening nm agujero
homage, tribute nm homenaje
home, hearth nm hogar
homemade adj casero
Honduran adj hondureño
honest adj honesto
honey nf miel
honor, honesty nm honor
hope nf esperanza
hopefully interj ojalá
horizon nm horizonte
horizontal adj horizontal
hormone nf hormona
horn, antler nm cuerno
horrible adj horrible
horror, atrocity nm horror
horse nm caballo
hospital nm hospital
hot, warm, spirited adj caliente
hotel nm hotel
hour, time (specific) nf hora
house nf casa
housekeeper, housewife nc ama
housing, dwelling nf vivienda
how much? adj cuánto
how? adv cómo
however, nevertheless adv obstante
hug, embrace nm abrazo
human adj humano
humanity, mankind nf humanidad
humble, modest adj humilde
humid, damp adj húmedo
humidity nf humedad
humility nf humildad
hundred nm centenar
hundred num ciento
hunger, starvation nf hambre
hunter nm/f cazador
hunting (game) nf caza
hurry nf prisa
husband nm marido
husband, spouse nm esposo
hydrogen nm hidrógeno
hymn, anthem nm himno
hypothesis nf hipótesis
I (subj) pron yo
ice nm hielo
iced, freezing, icy adj helado
idea nf idea
ideal, (goal) adj ideal
identical adj idéntico
identification nf identificación
identity nf identidad
ideological adj ideológico
ideology nf ideología
idiot, dunce nc idiota
idol nm ídolo
if, whether conj si
ignorance nf ignorancia
ill, sick adj enfermo
illegal adj ilegal
illicit, illegal adj ilícito
illness, sickness nf enfermedad
illuminated adj iluminado
illumination, lighting nf iluminación
illusion, hope, dream nf ilusión
illustration nf ilustración
image, picture nf imagen
imaginary adj imaginario
imagination, fantasy nf imaginación
immediate adj inmediato
immediately adv inmediatamente
immediately, at once adv enseguida
immense, vast, huge adj inmenso
immigrant nc inmigrante
imminent adj inminente
immovable, motionless adj inmóvil
impact nm impacto
impatience nf impaciencia
impatient adj impaciente
impeccable, faultless adj impecable
imperial, imperialist adj imperial
import, importation nf importación
importance nf importancia
important adj importante
impossible adj imposible
impotence nf impotencia
impression, printing nf impresión
impressive, astonishing adj impresionante
improvement nf mejora
impulse, momentum nm impulso
impunity nf impunidad
in agreement with prep conforme
in fact, actually, indeed adv efectivamente
in favor of, supportive adj partidario
in force, valid adj vigente
in front (of) adv enfrente
in front (of), ahead adv delante
in spite of prep pesar
in spite of conj pese
in, on prep en
inability, incompetence nf incapacidad
incapable adj incapaz
incident nm incidente
including, even adv inclusive
including, even (ADV) adv incluso
inclusion nf inclusión
inclusion, incorporation nf incorporación
income nf renta
income, revenue nm ingresos
inconvenience, drawback adj inconveniente
increase, raise nm incremento
increase, rise nm aumento
incredible, unbelievable adj increíble
independence nf independencia
independent, self-sufficient adj independiente
independently adv independientemente
index card, chip, token nf ficha
index, forefinger nm índice
Indian nm indio
indication nf indicación
indication, sign nm indicio
indicator, gauge nm indicador
indifference nf indiferencia
indifferent adj indiferente
indigenous, native adj indígena
indirect adj indirecto
indispensable, essential adj indispensable
individual adj individual
individual, person nm individuo
industrial adj industrial
industry, factory nf industria
inequality, unevenness nf desigualdad
inevitable, unavoidable adj inevitable
inexpensive adj barato
infancy, childhood nf infancia
infection nf infección
infinite adj infinito
inflation nf inflación
influence nf influencia
information nf información
informative adj informativo
infrastructure nf infraestructura
ingenuity, talent, wit nm ingenio
ingredient nm ingrediente
inhabitant nm habitante
inheritance, legacy nf herencia
initial adj inicial
initially adv inicialmente
initiative nf iniciativa
injury, wound, harm nf lesión
injustice nf injusticia
ink nf tinta
innocence nf inocencia
innocent, naïve adj inocente
innovation nf innovación
innumerable, countless adj innumerable
inscription, registration nf inscripción
insect nm insecto
insecurity nf inseguridad
inside adv adentro
inside adv dentro
insides, bowels nf entrañas
insignificant adj insignificante
insistence, determination nm empeño
insistence, persistence nf insistencia
inspector nm/f inspector
inspiration, inhalation nf inspiración
installation, facilities nf instalación
instance nf instancia
instant, moment nm instante
instinct nm instinto
institute nm instituto
institution nf institución
institutional adj institucional
instruction nf instrucción
instrument nm instrumento
insufficient adj insuficiente
insult nm insulto
insurance nm seguro
intact adj intacto
integration nf integración
integrity nf integridad
intellectual adj intelectual
intelligence nf inteligencia
intelligent adj inteligente
intense, acute adj intenso
intensity, force nf intensidad
intention nf intención
intention, purpose nm propósito
interaction nf interacción
interest nm interés
interested adj interesado
interesting adj interesante
interim, intermediate adj intermedio
interior, inside nm interior
internal adj interno
international adj internacional
Internet nm Internet
Internet, web nm web
interpretation, interpreting nf interpretación
interruption nf interrupción
interval, gap nm intervalo
intervention nf intervención
interview, meeting nf entrevista
introduce, implant v implantar
introduction nf introducción
intuition nf intuición
invasion nf invasión
invention nm invento
invention, contrivance nf invención
investigation nf investigación
investment, outlay nf inversión
invisible adj invisible
invitation nf invitación
invoice, bill nf factura
involvement, complicity nf complicidad
Irish adj irlandés
iron nm hierro
iron, plate, sheet nf plancha
ironic, mocking adj irónico
irony nf ironía
irregular adj irregular
irregularity nf irregularidad
Islamic adj islámico
island nf isla
isolated adj aislado
isolation nm aislamiento
it (subj-n) pron ello
Italian adj italiano
jacket nf chaqueta
jail, prison nf cárcel
January nm enero
Japanese adj japonés
jealousy, zeal nm celo
Jew nm/f judío
jewel, treasure nf joya
job, occupation, function nm oficio
job, order, errand nm encargo
joke nf broma
joke, funny story nm chiste
journalism nm periodismo
journalist nc periodista
journalistic adj periodístico
journey, itinerary, route nm recorrido
joy, happiness nf alegría
judge nc juez
judge, magistrate nm/f magistrado
judgment nm juicio
judicial adj judicial
juice nm jugo
July nm julio
jump, hop, skip nm salto
June nm junio
jurisdiction nf jurisdicción
jury, juror nm/f jurado
just adv justo
just, exactly adv justamente
justice, fairness nf justicia
justification nf justificación
key nf clave
key, faucet, wrench nf llave
keyboard nm teclado
kick, punt nf patada
kid, youngster nm chiquillo
kidnapping, seizure nm secuestro
killer, assassin nm asesino
kilogram nm kilo
kilometer nm kilómetro
kind, class, order nf clase
kind, nice, friendly adj amable
kind, sort, species nf especie
king nm rey
kingdom, reign nm reino
kiss nm beso
kitchen nf cocina
knee nf rodilla
knife nm cuchillo
knot nm nudo
knowledge nm conocimiento
knowledge nm saber
known, well-known adj conocido
label, etiquette nf etiqueta
labor strike, attack nm paro
labor union adj sindical
labor, industry adj laboral
labor, work, task nf labor
laboratory nm laboratorio
lace nm encaje
lack, shortage nf carencia
lack, shortage nf falta
lady, dame nf dama
lagoon nf laguna
lake nm lago
lament, moan nm lamento
lamp nf lámpara
landlady, owner (f) nf dueña
landscape nm paisaje
language nm idioma
language, speech nm lenguaje
language, tongue, strip (of land) nf lengua
large, great, big adj grande
larger, older, main adj mayor
last name nm apellido
last night adv anoche
last, final adj último
late adv tarde
late, belated adj tardío
lately, recently adv últimamente
later, afterwards adv luego
latest news, newness nf novedad
Latin nm latín
Latin adj latino
Latin American adj latinoamericano
laugh, chuckle nf risa
launch, release nm lanzamiento
law, bill, rule nf ley
lawyer nm/f abogado
layer, coat nf capa
lead, bullet nm plomo
leader nc líder
leader, boss, manager nm/f jefe
leader, director, manager nc dirigente
leadership nm liderazgo
league, elastic band nf liga
learning, apprenticeship nm aprendizaje
leather, skin nm cuero
lecture, discourse, talk nm discurso
left nf izquierda
left (opposite of right) adj izquierdo
leg nf pierna
leg, paw nf pata
legal adj legal
legal, juridical adj jurídico
legally adv legalmente
legend nf leyenda
legislation nf legislación
legislative adj legislativo
legislator nm/f legislador
legitimate adj legítimo
lemon, lime nm limón
length, longitude nf longitud
less, fewer adj menos
lesson nf lección
letter, (playing) card nf carta
letter, handwriting, lyrics nf letra
level nm nivel
liberal adj liberal
liberation nf liberación
library nf biblioteca
license, permission nf licencia
lie nf mentira
lieutenant, deputy mayor nm teniente
life nf vida
light nf luz
light (in weight), slight adj ligero
light, frivolous adj liviano
lightning nm relámpago
like that adv así
like, as conj como
limit nm límite
limitation nf limitación
limited adj limitado
line, course nf línea
line, queue, tail nf cola
line, ray, stripe nf raya
line, row, file nf fila
linguistic adj lingüístico
link, connection nf vinculación
link, connection, bond nm enlace
lion nm león
lip nm labio
liquid nm líquido
list, roster, roll nf lista
listener, hearer nc oyente
liter nm litro
literally adv literalmente
literary adj literario
literature nf literatura
little thing nf cosita
little, few, a little bit (ADV) adj poco
little, small, young adj pequeño
liver nm hígado
load, charge, cargo nf carga
loan, borrowing nm préstamo
local adj local
logic nf lógica
logical adj lógico
logically adv lógicamente
loneliness, solitude nf soledad
lonely, alone adj solo
long adj largo
longing, yearning nm anhelo
loose adj suelto
loss nf pérdida
lost adj perdido
lot of, heap, pile nm montón
loud, resounding adj sonoro
love nm amor
love, affection nm cariño
lover nc amante
loving, affectionate adj amoroso
lower, inferior adj inferior
loyalty, faithfulness nf lealtad
luck, fortune nf suerte
luckily, fortunately adv afortunadamente
lukewarm adj tibio
lunch nm almuerzo
lung nm pulmón
luxury nm lujo
machine nf máquina
machinery nf maquinaria
madness, insanity nf locura
magazine, journal nf revista
magic nf magia
magic, magical adj mágico
magician, wizard nm/f mago
magnetic adj magnético
magnificent, splendid adj magnífico
magnitude, extent nf magnitud
mail, post (office) nm correo
main, principal adj principal
maintenance, sustenance nm mantenimiento
majority nf mayoría
makeup nm maquillaje
male, man nm varón
male, manliness nm macho
mammal nm mamífero
man, mankind, husband nm hombre
management, step, negotiation nf gestión
manager, director nm/f gerente
manager, entrepreneur nm/f empresario
manager, person in charge nm encargado
managerial adj empresarial
managerial, administrative adj directivo
mandate, order, command nm mandato
maneuver, operation nf maniobra
mania, obsession nf obsesión
manual adj manual
manual, handbook nm manual
manufacture, production nf fabricación
manufacturer nm fabricante
manuscript nm manuscrito
map nm mapa
marble nm mármol
March nm marzo
march, progress nf marcha
marine, naval adj marino
maritime, marine adj marítimo
mark, brand, trademark nf marca
market nm mercado
marriage, married couple nm matrimonio
marriage, wedding nf boda
married adj casado
marvelous, stupendous adj estupendo
masculine, manly, male adj masculino
mask nf máscara
Mass nf misa
mass, dough, bulk, crowd nf masa
mass, massive adj masivo
master, boss (m) nm amo
material adj material
material, element nm material
maternal adj materno
mathematical adj matemático
mathematics nf matemática
matter, issue, affair nm asunto
matter, subject nf materia
mattress nm colchón
mature, ripe adj maduro
maturity, ripeness nf madurez
maximum adj máximo
May nm mayo
mayor nm alcalde
maze, labyrinth nm laberinto
me (obj prep) pron
me (obj) pron me
meadow, field, lawn nm prado
meaning nm significado
means, resources nm medios
measure, a m. que: to the extent nf medida
measurement nf medición
meat, flesh nf carne
mechanical adj mecánico
mechanics, mechanism nf mecánica
mechanism nm mecanismo
medal, medallion nf medalla
medical adj médico
medicine nf medicina
medicine, drug nm medicamento
medieval adj medieval
mediocre adj mediocre
meditation nf meditación
Mediterranean adj mediterráneo
meeting, conference, seam nf junta
meeting, game, skirmish nm encuentro
meeting, reunion nf reunión
melancholy adj melancólico
melancholy, depression nf melancolía
melody nf melodía
member, limb nm miembro
member, militant nc militante
member, partner nm/f socio
membership, property nf pertenencia
memory nf memoria
memory, keepsake nm recuerdo
mental adj mental
mention nf mención
menu nm menú
merchant, businessperson nc comerciante
mere adj mero
mess, problem, bad situation nm lío
message nm mensaje
metal nm metal
metallic adj metálico
metaphor nf metáfora
meter, subway nm metro
method nm método
methodology, method nf metodología
Mexican adj mexicano
mid, middle adj mediado
midnight nf medianoche
migration nf migración
military adj militar
milk nf leche
millennium nm milenio
million, fortune num millón
millionaire nm/f millonario
mind nf mente
mindset, mind nf mentalidad
mine nf mina
mine pron mío
mineral, ore nm mineral
minimum adj mínimo
mining nf minería
mining adj minero
ministry nm/f ministerio
minority nf minoría
minute nm minuto
minute, insignificant adj minúsculo
miracle nm milagro
mirror, reflection nm espejo
misery, wretchedness nf miseria
misfortune, bad luck nf desgracia
mission, task nf misión
mistake, blunder, fault nm fallo
mixed, co-ed adj mixto
mixture, blend nf mezcla
mobile adj móvil
mobility, movement nf movilidad
mobilization nf movilización
mockery, joke, trick nf burla
mode, manner nf modalidad
model, pattern nc modelo
moderate, mild adj moderado
modern adj moderno
modest, humble adj modesto
modification, alteration nf modificación
mold, cast, pattern nm molde
molecular adj molecular
molecule nf molécula
mom nf mamá
moment, time nm momento
moment, while, time nm rato
monarch nm monarca
monarchy, nf monarquía
monastery, convent nm monasterio
Monday nm lunes
monetary, adj monetario
money nm dinero
monkey nm mono
monopoly nm monopolio
monster, monstrosity nm monstruo
month nm mes
monthly adj mensual
monument nm monumento
monumental adj monumental
mood, humor nm humor
moon nf luna
moral adj moral
more adj más
morning, tomorrow nf mañana
mortal, lethal, deadly adj mortal
Moslem, Muslim adj musulmán
mother nf madre
motivation nf motivación
motive, cause nm motivo
motorcycle nf moto
mountain nf montaña
mountain nm monte
mountain range nf cordillera
mountain range, saw nf sierra
mountainous adj montañoso
mouse, rat nm ratón
mouth, entrance, opening nf boca
move, play nf jugada
movement nm movimiento
movement, removal nm desplazamiento
movie, film nf película
Mrs., lady, madam nf señora
much, many, a lot (ADV) adj mucho
multiple, many adj múltiple
multitude nf multitud
municipal, town adj municipal
municipality, town nm municipio
murder, assassination nm asesinato
murmur, whispering nm murmullo
muscle nm músculo
muscular adj muscular
museum nm museo
mushroom, fungus nm hongo
music nf música
musical adj musical
musician nm/f músico
mustache nm bigote
mute, silent adj mudo
mutual adj mutuo
my adj mi
mysterious adj misterioso
mystery nm misterio
myth nm mito
nail, fingernail, toenail nf uña
nail, tack, peg nm clavo
naïve, ingenuous adj ingenuo
name, denomination nf denominación
name, noun nm nombre
narration, account nf narración
narrative adj narrativo
narrative, story nf narrativa
narrator nm/f narrador
narrow adj estrecho
nation nf nación
national adj nacional
nationalist, nationalistic adj nacionalista
nationality nf nacionalidad
native adj nativo
native land, fatherland nf patria
native to, originate from adj originario
native, birth adj natal
natural adj natural
naturally adv naturalmente
nature, character nf naturaleza
nature, temperament nf índole
naval adj naval
navigation, shipping nf navegación
near adj cercano
nearness, proximity nf cercanía
necessarily adv necesariamente
necessary adj necesario
necessity, need nf necesidad
neck, collar nm cuello
needle, spire, stylus nf aguja
negative, denial nf negativa
negative, pessimistic adj negativo
neglect, oversight nm descuido
negotiation nf negociación
neighbor nm/f vecino
neighborhood, district nm barrio
neither, nor, either adv tampoco
nephew nm sobrino
nerve nm nervio
nervous, uptight adj nervioso
nest nm nido
network, net, system nf red
never adv jamás
never, ever adv nunca
nevertheless adv embargo
new adj nuevo
news nf noticia
news nf noticias
news report nm reportaje
newspaper nm diario
newspaper, periodical nm periódico
next adj próximo
Nicaraguan adj nicaragüense
nice, likeable, friendly adj simpático
nice, pleasant adj agradable
night, evening nf noche
nightmare nf pesadilla
nine num nueve
nineteen num diecinueve
ninety num noventa
no adv no
no, none, nobody (PRON) adj ninguno
nobility, uprightness nf nobleza
noble adj noble
nobody, anybody pron nadie
nocturnal, evening adj nocturno
noise nm ruido
noon, midday nm mediodía
normal, usual, regular adj normal
normally adv normalmente
north nm norte
North American adj norteamericano
northwest nm noroeste
nose nf nariz
nostalgia, homesickness nf nostalgia
not belonging to, detached adj ajeno
note, annotation nm apunte
note, grade nf nota
notebook, workbook nm cuaderno
nothing, (not) at all pron nada
notion, idea nf noción
novel nf novela
novel, new adj novedoso
novelist nc novelista
November nm noviembre
now adv ahora
now, at present adv actualmente
nuclear adj nuclear
nucleus, core nm núcleo
nude, naked adj desnudo
number nm número
numerous adj numeroso
nun nf monja
nurse nm/f enfermero
object, thing nm objeto
objection, protest nf protesta
objective nm objetivo
obligation nf obligación
obligatory, compulsory adj obligatorio
obliged, required adj obligado
observation nf observación
observer nm observador
obstacle nm obstáculo
obvious adj obvio
obviously adv obviamente
occidental, Western adj occidental
occupation, use nf ocupación
ocean nm océano
October nm octubre
ocurrence, impact nf incidencia
of children, childlike, infantile adj infantil
of course, clearly adv claro
of the body, corporal adj corporal
of the community adj comunitario
of, from prep de
offensive, aggressive adj ofensivo
offensive, attack nf ofensiva
offer, bid, supply nf oferta
office nf oficina
office of the public prosecutor nf fiscalía
office, study nm despacho
official, authorized adj oficial
officially adv oficialmente
often adv menudo
oh interj oh
oh no!, oh my! interj ay
oil nm aceite
oil, petroleum nm petróleo
oil, petroleum adj petrolero
old age nf vejez
old person nm/f anciano
old, aged adj viejo
old, ancient, former adj antiguo
Olympic, Olympian adj olímpico
on top of, over, about prep sobre
one num uno
only adv solamente
only adv únicamente
only, just adv sólo
only, unique, sole adj único
open, frank, outspoken adj franco
open, unlocked adj abierto
opening, beginning nf apertura
opening, inauguration nf inauguración
opera nf ópera
operation nf operación
operative, operational adj operativo
operator nm/f operador
opinion, looks nm parecer
opinion, view nf opinión
opponent nm/f opositor
opportune, timely adj oportuno
opportunity, chance nf oportunidad
opportunity, occasion nf ocasión
opposite, contrary adj opuesto
opposition nf oposición
optimism nm optimismo
optimistic adj optimista
optimum adj óptimo
option, choice nf opción
or conj o
oral adj oral
orange (fruit) nf naranja
orbit, socket, field nf órbita
orchestra, dance band nf orquesta
order, sequence (m), religious (f) nmf orden
organ nm órgano
organic adj orgánico
organism, (human) body nm organismo
organization nf organización
organized adj organizado
organized, clean adj ordenado
orientation, direction nf orientación
origin, cause nm origen
original adj original
oscillate v oscilar
other, another adj otro
our adj nuestro
out, outside, away adv fuera
outcome, balance nm balance
outlet, dose, making nf toma
outline, diagram, plan nm esquema
outline, perimeter, edge nm contorno
outside adv afuera
outstanding, noteworthy adj notable
oven, furnace nm horno
overcoat, shelter nm abrigo
own, proper, typical adj propio
owner nm propietario
owner, landlord (m) nm dueño
ox nm buey
oxygen nm oxígeno
package, packet nm paquete
pact, agreement nm pacto
page nf página
pain, ache, sorrow nm dolor
painful adj doloroso
painted adj pintado
painter nm/f pintor
painting, paint nf pintura
painting, picture nm cuadro
pair, couple (m), a la p.: at same time nmf par
palace nm palacio
pale, ghastly, faded adj pálido
palm tree nf palmera
palm tree, palm nf palma
panel, screen nm panel
panic nm pánico
panorama, landscape nm panorama
pants, trousers nm pantalón
paper, role, part nm papel
parade, line, formation nm desfile
paradise nm paraíso
paragraph nm párrafo
Paraguayan adj paraguayo
parallel adj paralelo
parameter nm parámetro
parish nf parroquia
park nm parque
parliament, dialogue nm parlamento
parliamentary adj parlamentario
part, portion nf parte
part, portion, share nf porción
partial, biased adj parcial
participant nm participante
participation, involvement nf participación
particle nf partícula
particular, peculiar adj particular
particularly, personally adv particularmente
party, feast nf fiesta
party, group, (sports) match nm partido
passenger nm/f pasajero
passing, course, lapse nm transcurso
passion, desire nf pasión
passionate, ardent adj ardiente
passive adj pasivo
past, last adj pasado
pasta, dough nf pasta
path nm sendero
path, sidewalk nf vereda
patience nf paciencia
patient nc paciente
patrimony, inheritance nm patrimonio
patrol, serenade v rondar
pause nf pausa
payment nm pago
peace nf paz
peaceful adj pacífico
peak, boom nm auge
pearl nf perla
peasant, farmer nm/f campesino
peculiar adj peculiar
pedagogical, teaching adj pedagógico
pen, feather nf pluma
penal adj penal
pencil nm lápiz
peninsula nf península
people nf gente
people, village nm pueblo
percentage nm porcentaje
perception nf percepción
perfect adj perfecto
perfection nf perfección
perfectly adv perfectamente
performance, achievement nm desempeño
performance, acting nf actuación
performance, execution nf ejecución
performer, interpreter nc intérprete
perfume nm perfume
perhaps, maybe adv quizás
period, time nm período
permanent adj permanente
permanently adv permanentemente
permission, permit nm permiso
perseverance nf constancia
person nf persona
personal adj personal
personality, celebrity nf personalidad
personality, nature nm carácter
personally adv personalmente
perspective nf perspectiva
pertaining, belonging adj perteneciente
pertinent, relevant adj pertinente
Peruvian adj peruano
peseta (money) nf peseta
peso (money), weight, load nm peso
petition, request, demand nf demanda
pharmacy, drugstore nf farmacia
phase, stage nf fase
phenomenon nm fenómeno
philosopher nm filósofo
philosophical adj filosófico
philosophy nf filosofía
phone, telephone nm teléfono
photo, picture nf foto
photograph nf fotografía
photographer nm/f fotógrafo
photographic adj fotográfico
phrase nf frase
physical adj físico
physically adv físicamente
physicist nm/f físico
piano nm piano
piece of clothing nf prenda
piece, bit nm pedazo
piece, chunk nm trozo
piece, part nf pieza
pig, sow, slob nm cerdo
pill, capsule nf pastilla
pillar, column nm pilar
pillow nf almohada
pilot, driver nm/f piloto
pine (tree) nm pino
pink, rosy adj rosado
pity, mercy nf piedad
place, position nm lugar
place, space nm sitio
plain, prairie, plainness nf llanura
plan nm plan
plane, airplane, aircraft nm avión
plane, map, level nm plano
planet nm planeta
planning, design nf planificación
plant, floor nf planta
plant, vegetable adj vegetal
plaque, plate, badge nf placa
plastic nm plástico
plate, dish nm plato
platform, springboard nf plataforma
player, gambler nm/f jugador
playing field, court nf cancha
pleased, delighted adj encantado
pleasure nm placer
pleasure, taste, preference nm gusto
plot, theme nf trama
pocket nm bolsillo
poem nm poema
poet nc poeta
poetic adj poético
poetry, poem nf poesía
point, dot, period nm punto
poison, venom nm veneno
pole, polo, polo shirt nm polo
polemics, argument nf polémica
police adj policial
police station nf comisaría
police, police force, police officer nc policía
Polish adj polaco
political adj político
politically adv políticamente
politician nm/f político
politics, policy nf política
poll, survey, inquiry nf encuesta
poner de m.: to show nm manifiesto
pool, puddle nm charco
poor adj pobre
Pope (m), potato (f) nmf papa
popular adj popular
popularity nf popularidad
population nf población
por c.: consequently conj consiguiente
port, harbor nm puerto
porter, doorkeeper, goalie nm/f portero
portrait, photograph nm retrato
Portuguese adj portugués
position nf posición
position, charge, fee nm cargo
position, location nf ubicación
positive adj positivo
possession nf posesión
possibility nf posibilidad
possible adj posible
possibly adv posiblemente
poster nm cartel
posture, position, attitude nf postura
pot, kettle nf olla
potent, powerful adj potente
pound (money/weight) nf libra
poverty, lack, scarcity nf pobreza
power nm poder
power, control nm dominio
power, potential nf potencia
powerful adj poderoso
practical, skillful adj práctico
practically adv prácticamente
practice, skill nf práctica
prayer nf oración
precedent nm precedente
precipitation, rainfall nf precipitación
precise, necessary adj preciso
precisely adv precisamente
precision nf precisión
preferable adj preferible
preference nf preferencia
pregnancy nm embarazo
pregnant adj embarazada
prejudice nm prejuicio
premiere, debut nm estreno
preparation, training nf preparación
prepared adj preparado
prerequisite, requirement nm requisito
presence, appearance nf presencia
present nm presente
present (time) nf actualidad
presentation, introduction nf presentación
presidency nf presidencia
president nm/f presidente
presidential adj presidencial
press nf prensa
pressure nf presión
prestige nm prestigio
prestigious adj prestigioso
pretension, claim, aspiration nf pretensión
pretext, excuse nm pretexto
pretty, nice adj bonito
pretty, nice, lovely adj lindo
prevention, warning nf prevención
preventive, preemptive adj preventivo
previous adj previo
previous, preceding adj anterior
previously adv anteriormente
previously adv previamente
price, cost, expense nm costo
price, cost, value nm precio
pride nm orgullo
priest nm sacerdote
priest (m), cure (f) nmf cura
primary adj primario
primitive adj primitivo
prince nm príncipe
princess nf princesa
principal, rector nm/f rector
principally, mainly adv principalmente
priority nf prioridad
prison, imprisonment nf prisión
prisoner nm preso
prisoner nm prisionero
prisoner, detainee nm/f detenido
private adj privado
private life, intimacy nf intimidad
privilege nm privilegio
privileged adj privilegiado
prize, reward nm premio
probability nf probabilidad
probable adj probable
probably adv probablemente
problem nm problema
problems, difficulties nf problemática
procedure, proceedings nm procedimiento
procedure, step, requirement nm trámite
proceedings, minutes nf acta
process, procedure nm proceso
procession nf procesión
producer nm productor
product nm producto
production nf elaboración
production nf producción
productive, profitable adj productivo
productivity nf productividad
profession, occupation nf profesión
professional adj profesional
professor, teacher nm/f profesor
profile, outline nm perfil
profitable adj rentable
profoundly, deeply adv profundamente
program, plan nm programa
programming, scheduling nf programación
progress nm progreso
progressive adj progresivo
prohibition nf prohibición
project, plan nm proyecto
projection, screening nf proyección
prolonged, lengthy adj prolongado
promise nf promesa
promotion nf promoción
promotion, climb nm ascenso
proof, sample, sign nf muestra
proof, trial, test nf prueba
property nf propiedad
property, estate nf finca
prophet nm profeta
proportion nf proporción
proposal, exposition nm planteamiento
proposal, proposition nf propuesta
proposition nf proposición
prose nf prosa
protagonist, main character nc protagonista
protection nf protección
protection, shelter nm amparo
protector, defender nm protector
protein nf proteína
protest, manifestation nf manifestación
protocol, convention nm protocolo
proud, arrogant adj orgulloso
province, region nf provincia
provincial adj provincial
proximity nf proximidad
psychological adj psicológico
psychologist nm/f psicólogo
psychology nf psicología
public adj público
public, audience nm público
publication nf publicación
publicly, in public adv públicamente
pulse, pulsation nm pulso
punctual adj puntual
punishment, penalty nm castigo
pupil nf pupila
pure, clean adj puro
purely, simply adv puramente
purity, chastity nf pureza
purpose, aim nf finalidad
pursuit, persecution nf persecución
pyramid nf pirámide
quality nf calidad
quality, attribute nf cualidad
quantity, amount nf cantidad
quarters, barracks nm cuartel
queen nf reina
question nf pregunta
question, matter nf cuestión
quick, fast adj rápido
quiet, reserved adj callado
quiet, silent adj silencioso
quota, share, dues nf cuota
rabbit nm conejo
race, lineage nf raza
radiation nf radiación
radical adj radical
radio, set (m), communication (f) nmf radio
rag, cloth nm trapo
rage nf rabia
rage, wrath nf ira
railway nm ferrocarril
rain nf lluvia
ranch nf hacienda
ranch, farm nm rancho
random, chance, hazard nm azar
range, musical scale nf gama
rank, range nm rango
rapidly, quickly adv rápidamente
rat nf rata
rate, fee, levy nf tasa
rate, tariff nf tarifa
rather, fairly, quite a bit (ADV) adj bastante
rational adj racional
raw, crude, natural adj crudo
ray, beam, lightning nm rayo
reach, scope nm alcance
reaction nf reacción
reader, lecturer nm lector
reading nf lectura
ready, clever, smart adj listo
realism nm realismo
realistic adj realista
reality, actuality nf realidad
really, actually, in fact adv realmente
rear, backside adj posterior
reason, cause nm porqué
reason, tener r.: to be right nf razón
reasonable adj razonable
reasoning nm razonamiento
rebel, insurgent nc rebelde
rebellion nf rebelión
rebirth, Renaissance nm renacimiento
receiver, recipient nm/f receptor
recent adj reciente
recently adv recientemente
recently, just adv recién
reception, waiting room nf recepción
recipe, prescription nf receta
recognition, acknowledgment nm reconocimiento
recommendation nf recomendación
reconstruction nf reconstrucción
record nm récord
recording nf grabación
recovery, recuperation nf recuperación
red adj rojo
red, colored adj colorado
reddish, ruddy adj rojizo
reduced, limited adj reducido
reduction nf reducción
reduction, decrease nf disminución
reference, allusion nf referencia
reflection nm reflejo
reflection nf reflexión
reflexive marker pron se
reform, improvement nf reforma
regime, diet nm régimen
region nf región
regional adj regional
register, record nm registro
regrettable adj lamentable
regrettably adv lamentablemente
regular adj regular
regulations, rules nm reglamento
reign, rule nm reinado
rein, restraint nf rienda
rejection, refusal nm rechazo
relationship, relation nf relación
relative nm familiar
relative nc pariente
relative adj relativo
relatively adv relativamente
relentless, implacable adj implacable
relevance nf relevancia
relevant, significant adj relevante
relief, poner de r.: to emphasize nm relieve
relief, unburdening nm alivio
religion nf religión
religious adj religioso
remaining, leftover adj restante
remark, comment nm comentario
remote, far-off adj remoto
renewal, renovation nf renovación
renowned, illustrious adj ilustre
rent, rental nm alquiler
repair, reparation nf reparación
repertoire, list, index nm repertorio
repetition nf repetición
replacement, substitution nf sustitución
report nm informe
representation nf representación
representative nc representante
representative adj representativo
repression nf represión
reproduction nf reproducción
republic nf república
republican adj republicano
reputation, fame nf fama
request, application nf solicitud
request, petition nf petición
requirement, demand nf exigencia
requirement, request, summons nm requerimiento
rescue, ransom nm rescate
researcher, investigator nm/f investigador
reservation, reserve nf reserva
reserved, booked adj reservado
residence nf residencia
residence, address nm domicilio
resident adj residente
residue, waste nm residuo
resignation, renunciation nf renuncia
resistance, opposition nf resistencia
resolution nf resolución
resolved, determined adj resuelto
resources nm recursos
respect, regard nm respeto
respectable, decent adj decente
respectful adj respetuoso
respective adj respectivo
respectively adv respectivamente
respiration, breath nf respiración
respiratory, breathing adj respiratorio
responsibility nf responsabilidad
responsible adj responsable
rest, interval, break nm descanso
rest, peace nm reposo
rest, remainder, leftover nm resto
restaurant nm restaurante
restless, anxious adj inquieto
restlessness, anxiety nf inquietud
restoration, renovation nf restauración
restriction nf restricción
result, outcome nm resultado
resurrection nf resurrección
retreat, withdrawal nf retirada
return nm regreso
return nm retorno
return, turn nf vuelta
revelation nf revelación
revenge, vengeance nf venganza
review, outline nf reseña
revolution nf revolución
revolutionary adj revolucionario
revolver, Egun nm revólver
rhythm nm ritmo
rhythm, time, compass nm compás
rice nm arroz
rich, tasty adj rico
riches, wealth nf riqueza
rider, horseman nm jinete
ridiculous, absurd adj ridículo
right now, in a minute adv ahorita
right, justice, law nm derecho
right, right hand nf derecha
right, straight adj derecho
right, straight, honest adj recto
rigid, stiff, firm adj rígido
rigorous, severe adj riguroso
ring nm anillo
risk nm riesgo
rite, ritual nm rito
ritual, rite nm ritual
rival nc rival
river nm río
road, route, path nm camino
road, way, por v.: by means nf vía
rock nf roca
role nm rol
roll, coil nm rollo
Roman adj romano
romance nm romance
romantic adj romántico
roof nm techo
room, bedroom, habitat nf habitación
room, chamber nm cuarto
room, hall nf sala
rooster nm gallo
root nf raíz
rosary, beads, string nm rosario
rose nf rosa
rough, coarse, harsh adj áspero
round adj redondo
round nf ronda
route nf ruta
routine nf rutina
row, line nf hilera
royal, real, authentic adj real
rubber nf goma
rug, carpet, mat nf alfombra
ruin, collapse nf ruina
rule, ruler, regulation nf regla
ruler, leader nc gobernante
rumor, murmur nm rumor
rural, country adj rural
Russian adj ruso
sack, bag, plunder nm saco
sacred adj sagrado
sacrifice nm sacrificio
sad, unhappy adj triste
sadness nf tristeza
safe, sure, secure adj seguro
saint (f) nf santa
saint (m) nm santo
salary, pay nm sueldo
salary, wages nm salario
sale nf venta
salesperson nm/f vendedor
saliva, spit nf saliva
salt nf sal
salvation, rescue nf salvación
same adj mismo
sanction, approval, penalty nf sanción
sand nf arena
satellite nm satélite
satisfaction nf satisfacción
satisfactory adj satisfactorio
satisfied adj satisfecho
Saturday nm sábado
sauce, salsa nf salsa
savage, horrible adj bárbaro
saving, thrift nm ahorro
scale, ladder, rank nf escala
scandal nm escándalo
scar nf cicatriz
scarce, very little adj escaso
scarcity, shortage nf escasez
scared, frightened adj asustado
scene, stage, setting nf escena
schedule, timetable nm horario
scholarship, grant nf beca
school nf escuela
school, college nm colegio
school, scholastic adj escolar
science, knowledge nf ciencia
scientific adj científico
scientist nm/f científico
screen, monitor nf pantalla
script, hyphen nm guión
sculpture, carving nf escultura
sea nmf mar
search nf búsqueda
search, hunt nf busca
season, period, time nf temporada
seat, chair nm asiento
second adj segundo
second nm segundo
secondary adj secundario
secret nm secreto
secretary nf secretaría
secretary nm/f secretario
secretary, minister nm/f ministro
section, cut nf sección
section, stretch, plot nm tramo
sector, area, section nm sector
security, safety nf seguridad
seed nf semilla
segment, sector nm segmento
selection, choice nf selección
semester nm semestre
semidarkness, twilight nf penumbra
seminar, seminary nm seminario
senate nm senado
senator nm/f senador
sensation, feeling nf sensación
sense, feeling nm sentido
sensible, prudent adj prudente
sensitive, sentient adj sensible
sensitivity nf sensibilidad
sentence (in prison), penalty nf condena
sentence, judgment nf sentencia
sentimental adj sentimental
separation nf separación
September nm septiembre
sequence nf secuencia
serene, calm adj sereno
sergeant nm sargento
series nf serie
serious adj serio
serious, solemn adj grave
seriously adv seriamente
seriousness nf seriedad
seriousness, gravity nf gravedad
servant nm/f servidor
service, helpfulness nm servicio
session, meeting nf sesión
settlement, colony nf asentamiento
settler, resident nm/f poblador
seven num siete
seventeen num diecisiete
seventy num setenta
several, various adj varios
severe adj severo
sex nm sexo
sexual adj sexual
shade, shadow nf sombra
shade, tint, nuance nm matiz
shady, dark, dismal adj sombrío
shame, pity nf lástima
sharp, acute adj agudo
she, [ellas] them (f) pron ella
sheep, ewe nf oveja
sheet (of metal) nf lámina
sheet, leaf nf hoja
shell nf concha
shelter, refuge nm refugio
shepherd, pastor nm/f pastor
shield, coat of arms nm escudo
shine, twinkling, sparkle nm brillo
ship, embarkation nf embarcación
ship, vessel, hull nm buque
shipment, delivery nm envío
shirt nf camisa
shit, crap, excrement nf mierda
shoe nm zapato
shop, store, tent nf tienda
shopping, buy, purchase nf compra
shore, edge nf orilla
short, brief adj corto
short, low adj bajo
shot, discharge nm disparo
should, ought to, to owe v deber
shoulder nm hombro
show, display nm show
side nm lado
side, flank nm costado
side, lateral adj lateral
sidewalk nf acera
siesta, afternoon nap nf siesta
sigh nm suspiro
sign, mark, seal nf seña
sign, mark, symbol nm signo
sign, mark, token nf señal
sign, scoreboard nm marcador
significant, meaningful adj significativo
silence nm silencio
silhouette, outline nf silueta
silk nf seda
silver, money nf plata
similar adj similar
similar, such, alike adj semejante
simple, mere, simple-minded adj simple
simple, plain, easy adj sencillo
simply adv sencillamente
simply, just adv simplemente
simultaneously adv simultáneamente
sin nm pecado
sincere adj sincero
sincerely adv sinceramente
singer nc cantante
singing, chant nm canto
single, bachelor adj soltero
single, singular adj singular
sinister adj siniestro
sir, Mr, lord nm señor
siren, mermaid nf sirena
sister nf hermana
situated, located adj situado
situation nf situación
six num seis
sixteen num dieciséis
sixth adj sexto
sixty num sesenta
size (of clothing), stature nf talla
size, dimension nm tamaño
skill, mastery nf maestría
skillful, clever adj hábil
skin, hide, fur nf piel
skirt nf falda
skull, cranium nm cráneo
sky, heaven, ceiling nm cielo
slave nm/f esclavo
slavery nf esclavitud
sleeve nf manga
slight, trifling, light adj leve
slightly, lightly adv ligeramente
slipper, shoe nf zapatilla
slope, descent, earring nm pendiente
slope, incline, tendency nf inclinación
slow adj lento
slow, slowly adj despacio
slowly adv lentamente
slowness nf lentitud
small village nf aldea
smell, odor, fragrance nm olor
smile nf sonrisa
smiling adj sonriente
smoke nm humo
smooth, flat, straight adj liso
snail, shell nf caracol
snake nf serpiente
snow nf nieve
so much, so many adj tanto
so, then adv entonces
soap nm jabón
soccer nm fútbol
soccer player nm/f futbolista
social adj social
socialism nm socialismo
socialist adj socialista
society nf sociedad
socket, basin, bowl nf cuenca
sofa, couch nm sofá
soft, gentle, mild adj suave
soft, limp, gentle adj blando
softly adv suavemente
software nm software
solar adj solar
soldier nm/f soldado
solemn adj solemne
solid, strong adj sólido
solidarity, togetherness nf solidaridad
solitary, lonely adj solitario
solution, answer nf solución
some, a few adj alguno
somebody, someone, anyone pron alguien
something, somewhat pron algo
son, [pl] children nm hijo
song nf canción
soon, quick adv pronto
sophisticated adj sofisticado
sort, gender, genre nm género
soul nf alma
sound nm sonido
soup nf sopa
source, fountain nf fuente
south nm sur
southeast nm sureste
southern adj meridional
sovereignty nf soberanía
Soviet adj soviético
space, room nm espacio
spacecraft, ship nf nave
Spanish adj español
spark nf chispa
spatial, space adj espacial
special adj especial
specialist nc especialista
specialized, skilled adj especializado
specialty, specialized field nf especialidad
specific adj específico
specifically adv específicamente
specifically, exactly adv concretamente
spectacle, show nm espectáculo
spectacular adj espectacular
spectator, onlooker nm espectador
speculation, conjecture nf especulación
speech, talking nf habla
speed, velocity nf rapidez
speed, velocity nf velocidad
sphere, globe nf esfera
sphere, space nm ámbito
spider nf araña
spirit, ghost nm espíritu
spiritual adj espiritual
splendid, generous adj espléndido
splendor nm esplendor
spokesperson, mouthpiece nm portavoz
spontaneous adj espontáneo
sport nm deporte
sports, sporty adj deportivo
spread, diffusion nf difusión
spread, hung, laid (out) adj tendido
spring, springlike nf primavera
square adj cuadrado
square, marketplace nf plaza
stability nf estabilidad
stable, steady adj estable
stadium nm estadio
stage, period nf etapa
stage, setting, scene nm escenario
stain, spot nf mancha
stained, dirty adj manchado
stair, rung, nm escalón
stairs, ladder nf escalera
stamp, seal nm sello
standard, pattern, norm nf norma
star nf estrella
start, beginning nm comienzo
state, condition, status nm estado
state, government-owned adj estatal
statement, announcement nm comunicado
statement, assertion nf afirmación
station, season nf estación
statistic nf estadística
statistical adj estadístico
statue nf estatua
stature, height nf estatura
statute nm estatuto
stay, stance, ranch nf estancia
steel nm acero
steering wheel nm volante
step, pace nm paso
stick, pole nm palo
still, motionless, calm adj quieto
still, yet adv aún
still, yet adv todavía
stimulus, encouragement nm estímulo
stomach nm estómago
stone, rock nf piedra
storm nf tormenta
story, tale nm cuento
strange, foreign adj extraño
strange, rare, scarce adj raro
strangely, funnily enough adv curiosamente
strategic adj estratégico
strategy nf estrategia
straw, thatching nf paja
stream, jet, spurt nm chorro
street nf calle
strength, force, power nf fuerza
stress nm estrés
strict, rigorous adj estricto
strictly adv estrictamente
strike, protest nf huelga
striking adj llamativo
strip, stripe, fringe nf franja
strong adj fuerte
strongly adv fuertemente
structural adj estructural
structure nf estructura
student nc estudiante
student adj estudiantil
student, pupil nm alumno
study, learning nm estudio
stupid, dumb adj tonto
stupid, idiotic adj estúpido
stupidity, stupid thing nf estupidez
stupidity, stupid thing nf tontería
style nm estilo
subject, course nf asignatura
subject, individual nm sujeto
subjective adj subjetivo
substance, essence nf sustancia
subtle adj sutil
success nm éxito
success, achievement nm logro
successful adj exitoso
succession, series nf sucesión
successive, following adj sucesivo
successively, one by one adv sucesivamente
successor nm/f sucesor
such (a) adj tal
such, as, too, so adv tan
sudden adj repentino
sudden adj súbito
suffering nm sufrimiento
sufficient, enough adj suficiente
sugar nm azúcar
suggestion nf sugerencia
suicide nm suicidio
suit, dress, costume nm traje
suitcase, case nf maleta
sum, amount, summary nf suma
summary nm resumen
summer nm verano
summit, peak, top nf cima
summit, top nf cumbre
sun nm sol
Sunday nm domingo
superficial adj superficial
superior, upper adj superior
supplier, dealer nm/f proveedor
supply, provision nm suministro
support, backing nm apoyo
support, backing, back nm respaldo
support, endorsement nm soporte
supposed, por s.: of course adj supuesto
supposedly, allegedly adv supuestamente
supreme adj supremo
surely, securely adv seguramente
surface, area nf superficie
surgery nf cirugía
surprise nf sorpresa
surprising, astonishing adj sorprendente
surrounding area, vicinity nm alrededor
surveillance, vigilance nf vigilancia
survival nf supervivencia
suspension nf suspensión
suspicion nf sospecha
sustainable adj sostenible
sweat, perspiration nm sudor
sweep, clean out v barrer
sweet adj dulce
swig, drink nm trago
swimming pool nf piscina
Swiss adj sueco
Swiss adj suizo
swollen, pompous adj hinchado
sword nf espada
symbol nm símbolo
symbolic adj simbólico
sympathy, affinity nf simpatía
symphony nf sinfonía
symptom nm síntoma
syndrome nm síndrome
synthesis nf síntesis
system nm sistema
systematic adj sistemático
T-shirt nf camiseta
table, board nf mesa
tale, story nm relato
talent, skill nm talento
talk, chat nf charla
tall, high adj alto
tank, large container nm tanque
tape, ribbon, film, strip nf cinta
task, job nf tarea
task, job, chore nm quehacer
taste, flavor, sensation nm sabor
taxes nm impuestos
taxi, cab nm taxi
tea nm
teacher nc docente
teacher (m), master nm/f maestro
teaching, instruction nf enseñanza
team, equipment, outfit nm equipo
tear, teardrop nf lágrima
technical adj técnico
technician nm/f técnico
technique, skill nf técnica
technological adj tecnológico
technology nf tecnología
teenager, young person nc joven
telephone adj telefónico
telescope, eyeglasses nm anteojo
television set nm televisor
temperature nf temperatura
template, stencil nf plantilla
temple, church nm templo
temporary adj temporal
temptation nf tentación
ten num diez
ten (of something) nf decena
tendency, style nf tendencia
tender, soft adj tierno
tenderness nf ternura
tennis nm tenis
tension, stress, strain nf tensión
tenth adj décimo
term (language), end nm término
terminal, final nm terminal
terrace, balcony nf terraza
terrible adj terrible
territorial, regional adj territorial
territory nm territorio
terror, horror nm terror
terrorism nm terrorismo
terrorist nc terrorista
testimony, evidence nm testimonio
text nm texto
texture nf textura
thank you nf gracia
thanks, thank you interj gracias
that (m) [esa (f)] adj ese
that (n) pron eso
that (over there) adj aquel
that one (m), [ésa (f)] pron ése
that one over there (m) pron aquél
that over there (n) pron aquello
that, which conj que
the (+neut) art lo
the rest, others adj demás
theater, drama nm teatro
theatrical adj teatral
theft, robbery nm robo
theme nf temática
theme, subject, topic nm tema
then, well then nm puesto
theology nf teología
theoretical adj teórico
theory nf teoría
therapy nf terapia
there adv ahí
there, over there adv allá
there, over there adv allí
thermal, heated adj térmico
thesis, exposition nf tesis
thick adj grueso
thick, dense, stiff adj espeso
thief nm/f ladrón
thigh nm muslo
thin, frail adj flaco
thin, skinny adj delgado
thing nf cosa
third adj tercero
third nm tercio
thirst nf sed
thirteen num trece
thirty num treinta
this (m) [esta (f)] adj este
this (n) pron esto
this one (m), [ésta (f)] pron éste
thorn, spine nf espina
thorough, elaborate adj elaborado
thought, thinking nm pensamiento
thousand num mil
thread, yarn, wire nm hilo
threat nf amenaza
three num tres
three hundred num trescientos
threshold, outset nm umbral
throat, gorge nf garganta
throne nm trono
through, across prep través
throughout, length nm largo
throw, shot nm tiro
Thursday nm jueves
ticket, bill, note nm billete
tie, bond, link nm vínculo
tie, sash nf corbata
tiger nm tigre
tight, jammed adj apretado
tight, tense adj tenso
time (general) nm tiempo
time (specific occurrence), en v. de: instead of nf vez
time, age, period nf época
timid, shy, half-hearted adj tímido
tiny adj chiquito
tip, point nf punta
tired, tiresome adj cansado
tiredness, weariness nm cansancio
title, heading nm título
to (have) doubt v dudar
to (have) influence v influir
to (put in) group v agrupar
to (tell a) lie v mentir
to abandon, leave (a place) v abandonar
to absorb, soak up v absorber
to abuse v abusar
to accelerate, speed (up) v acelerar
to accent, stress v acentuar
to accept v aceptar
to accompany v acompañar
to accumulate, amass v acumular
to accuse v acusar
to achieve, get, manage v lograr
to acquire, get v adquirir
to act v actuar
to activate, stimulate v activar
to adapt v adaptar
to add v añadir
to add up, amount to v sumar
to add, gather v agregar
to adhere, attach v adherir
to adjust, tighten v ajustar
to administer, manage v administrar
to admire v admirar
to admit v admitir
to adopt v adoptar
to adorn, to decorate v adornar
to adust, graduate v graduar
to advance, progress v avanzar
to advise, counsel v aconsejar
to affect v afectar
to age, grow old v envejecer
to aggravate v agravar
to alarm v alarmar
to alert, warn v alertar
to allow, permit v permitir
to allude to v aludir
to alter, modify v alterar
to alternate v alternar
to amaze, astound v asombrar
to amuse, entertain v divertir
to analyze v analizar
to anger v indignar
to anger, annoy v enojar
to annotate, jot, note v anotar
to announce, advertise v anunciar
to annul, cancel v anular
to answer, reply v contestar
to answer, respond v responder
to anticipate, advance v anticipar
to appear v aparecer
to appear, represent, figure (in) v figurar
to appear, show, stick (out) v asomar
to appear, spring (forth) v surgir
to apply v aplicar
to appreciate v apreciar
to argue, deduce v argumentar
to argue, discuss v discutir
to arm, put together v armar
to arouse, provoke v suscitar
to arrive v llegar
to articulate v articular
to ascend, be promoted v ascender
to ask (a question) v preguntar
to ask for, request v pedir
to aspire, want v aspirar
to assault v asaltar
to assent, agree v asentir
to assert, affirm v afirmar
to assign, allocate v asignar
to assign, appoint v destinar
to assimilate v asimilar
to associate with v asociar
to assume, take on v asumir
to assure, secure, insure v asegurar
to attack v atacar
to attack, attempt, threaten v atentar
to attempt v pretender
to attend v asistir
to attend, go to, frequent v acudir
to attract v atraer
to attribute v atribuir
to authorize, legalize v autorizar
to avoid, prevent v evitar
to avoid, prevent v prevenir
to back, support, endorse v respaldar
to balance v equilibrar
to baptize, christen v bautizar
to base on, base upon v basar
to base, found v fundamentar
to bathe, take a bath v bañar
to be (location, change from norm) v estar
to be (norm) v ser
to be able to, can v poder
to be accustomed to v acostumbrar
to be accustomed to v soler
to be agreeable, be convenient v convenir
to be born v nacer
to be equivalent, tantamount (to) v equivaler
to be lacking v faltar
to be pleasing to v gustar
to be plentiful v abundar
to be present at, witness v presenciar
to be sufficient v bastar
to be too much, left over v sobrar
to be unaware v ignorar
to be very pleasing to v encantar
to be without v carecer
to be worth, cost v valer
to be wrong v equivocar
to be/make comfortable v acomodar
to be/make happy v alegrar
to be/make quiet v callar
to beat (heart) v latir
to beat (object) v batir
to become ill v enfermar
to beg, v suplicar
to begin, start v comenzar
to begin, start v empezar
to behave v comportar
to behave [se], carry v portar
to believe, think v creer
to belong v pertenecer
to bend, turn v doblar
to benefit v beneficiar
to betray v traicionar
to bite v morder
to bite, sting, itch v picar
to bless, thank v bendecir
to block, obstruct v bloquear
to blow (wind) v soplar
to board, get in/on v abordar
to boast, show off, suppose v presumir
to boil v hervir
to bore, tire v aburrir
to bother, disturb, upset v molestar
to bow, tilt, incline v inclinar
to brake, restrain v frenar
to break v romper
to break out, explode, start v estallar
to break, bend, weaken v quebrar
to breathe v respirar
to bring together v juntar
to bring up, rear v criar
to bring, carry v traer
to bring, report v reportar
to burn v quemar
to burn, glow v arder
to burst, puncture v reventar
to bury v enterrar
to buy v comprar
to calculate, figure out v calcular
to call upon, appeal to v apelar
to call, name v denominar
to call, name v llamar
to calm down v tranquilizar
to calm, soothe, relieve v calmar
to cancel v cancelar
to capture v capturar
to capture, attract v captar
to capture, catch v pillar
to carry out, cause to happen v efectuar
to carry out, fulfill v desempeñar
to cause, bring about v causar
to cause, provoke v provocar
to cease, stop v cesar
to celebrate v celebrar
to celebrate v festejar
to center, focus, base (on) v centrar
to change v cambiar
to change, vary v variar
to characterize, portray v caracterizar
to charge (money) v cobrar
to chat, talk v charlar
to check, revise, inspect v revisar
to cheer up v animar
to choose v escoger
to choose, elect v elegir
to choose, opt for v optar
to circulate, go around, flow v circular
to cite, quote v citar
to claim, sue v demandar
to clap, applaud v aplaudir
to clarify, clear up v aclarar
to classify, sort, file v clasificar
to clean v limpiar
to clear up, unwrap v desenvolver
to climb v trepar
to close v cerrar
to coexist v convivir
to coincide, agree v coincidir
to coincide, concur, meet v concurrir
to collaborate, work together v colaborar
to combine v combinar
to come v venir
to come down, let down v bajar
to come from, be from v provenir
to come near v acercar
to come near, closer v aproximar
to comment on v comentar
to commit v cometer
to communicate v comunicar
to compare v comparar
to compensate, make up for v compensar
to compete v competir
to complain v quejar
to complement, supplement v complementar
to complete v completar
to complicate, make difficult v complicar
to compose, be part of v componer
to compromise v comprometer
to conceive, understand v concebir
to concentrate v concentrar
to concern v respectar
to conclude, finish v concluir
to condition, determine v condicionar
to conenct, link, bind v vincular
to confer, talk v dialogar
to confess, admit v confesar
to confine v internar
to confirm v confirmar
to conform v conformar
to confront, face v enfrentar
to confuse v confundir
to congratulate v felicitar
to connect, plug in v conectar
to conquer, win (over) v conquistar
to consecrate, establish v consagrar
to consent to, pamper v consentir
to consent, agree, accede v acceder
to conserve, preserve v conservar
to consider v considerar
to consist of v consistir
to consist of, comprise v constar
to console v consolar
to consolidate v consolidar
to constitute, consist of v constituir
to construct, build v construir
to consult v consultar
to consume, take in v consumir
to contain v contener
to contaminate, pollute v contaminar
to contemplate v contemplar
to continue v continuar
to continue, carry on v proseguir
to contract, shrink, abbreviate v contraer
to contrast v contrastar
to contribute v contribuir
to control v controlar
to convene, summon v convocar
to converse, talk v conversar
to convert, change, become v convertir
to convict, condemn v condenar
to convince, persuade v convencer
to cook v cocinar
to cool v enfriar
to coordinate v coordinar
to copy v copiar
to correct, rectify v corregir
to correspond with v corresponder
to cost, be hard v costar
to cover v cubrir
to cover, wrap v tapar
to crash v estrellar
to crash into, collide with v chocar
to create v crear
to criticize v criticar
to cross v atravesar
to cross v cruzar
to crown, top v coronar
to crunch, creak v crujir
to cry v llorar
to culminate, accomplish v culminar
to cultivate, produce v cultivar
to cure v curar
to curse, insult v maldecir
to cut v cortar
to damage v dañar
to dance v bailar
to dare v atrever
to date v datar
to dawn, become light v amanecer
to debate, discuss v debatir
to decide v decidir
to decipher v descifrar
to declare, testify v declarar
to decorate v decorar
to decrease, diminish v disminuir
to dedicate, devote v dedicar
to deduce, infer v deducir
to deepen, analyze in depth v profundizar
to defeat, beat v derrotar
to defend, protect v defender
to define v definir
to defy, stand up to v desafiar
to delay, take long v tardar
to delay, take time v demorar
to deliver v entregar
to demand v exigir
to demand, require v reclamar
to denounce v denunciar
to deny, refuse v negar
to depend on v depender
to deposit, place, store v depositar
to deprive (of) v privar
to deprive, rob v despojar
to derive, come (from) v derivar
to descend v descender
to describe v describir
to deserve, be worthy (of) v merecer
to design, develop v diseñar
to designate v designar
to despair, lose hope v desesperar
to despise, scorn v despreciar
to destroy, ruin v destruir
to detach, release, remove v desprender
to detach, take off (plane) v despegar
to detail, itemize v detallar
to detect v detectar
to deteriorate v deteriorar
to determine, decide v determinar
to develop v desarrollar
to deviate, divert, change v desviar
to devise, design v idear
to devour, consume v devorar
to dictate, announce v dictar
to die v morir
to differ v diferir
to differentiate, distinguish v diferenciar
to dilute, weaken v diluir
to dine v cenar
to direct, manage v dirigir
to dirty, crap v cagar
to disappear, vanish v desaparecer
to discard, reject, rule out v descartar
to discover v descubrir
to disguise, hide, conceal v disfrazar
to disguise, hide, pretend v disimular
to disperse, scatter, spread v dispersar
to dispute, contest v disputar
to dissolve v disolver
to distinguish v distinguir
to distinguish, perceive v divisar
to distract v distraer
to distribute, deliver v distribuir
to divide v dividir
to divide, deliver, distribute v repartir
to divide, leave, a p. de: starting v partir
to do exactly, specify v precisar
to do, make v hacer
to dominate, master v dominar
to donate v donar
to double, duplicate v duplicar
to drag, pull v arrastrar
to draw, sketch v dibujar
to draw, trace v trazar
to dream v soñar
to drink v beber
to drip, drain, trickle v escurrir
to drive, handle v manejar
to drown, choke, flood v ahogar
to dry v secar
to duck, bend down v agachar
to dye v teñir
to eat v comer
to edit, publish, release v editar
to edit, write, compose v redactar
to educate v educar
to elevate, raise v elevar
to eliminate, exclude v eliminar
to embark, load v embarcar
to embarrass, shame v avergonzar
to embroider v bordar
to emerge, surface v emerger
to emigrate v emigrar
to emit, give (off) v emitir
to emphasize v resaltar
to emphasize, stand out v destacar
to emphasize, stress v enfatizar
to employ v emplear
to empty, pour out v vaciar
to encompass, comprise v abarcar
to encourage v alentar
to end, finalize v finalizar
to endanger v perjudicar
to endorse, subscribe v suscribir
to endow, bestow v dotar
to endure, put up with v aguantar
to endure, stand (something) v soportar
to enjoy v disfrutar
to enjoy v gozar
to enlarge, increase, expand v ampliar
to enrich v enriquecer
to entangle, ensnare v enredar
to enter v entrar
to entertain, amuse v entretener
to entrust, [se] take charge of v encargar
to envy v envidiar
to erase v borrar
to escape v escapar
to establish v establecer
to estimate, hold in esteem v estimar
to evaluate, assess v evaluar
to evoke, recall v evocar
to evolve, develop v evolucionar
to exaggerate v exagerar
to examine, inspect v examinar
to excel, exceed v exceder
to excel, outperform v sobrepasar
to exchange v intercambiar
to exclaim v exclamar
to exclude, reject v excluir
to excuse v disculpar
to execute, carry out v ejecutar
to exhaust, wear out, run out v agotar
to exhibit, show off v exhibir
to exist v existir
to expand v expandir
to expel, throw out v expulsar
to experience, experiment v experimentar
to explain v explicar
to explode, exploit v explotar
to explore v explorar
to expound, expose v exponer
to express v expresar
to express, capture v plasmar
to express, show v manifestar
to extend, prolong v prolongar
to extend, spread v extender
to extinguish, put out v extinguir
to extract, take out v extraer
to f**k, screw (around/up) v joder
to face, confront v afrontar
to face, confront v encarar
to facilitate v facilitar
to fade, dispel v desvanecer
to fail, be unsuccessful v fracasar
to fail, miss v fallar
to fall v caer
to fall in love v enamorar
to fascinate v fascinar
to fasten, attach, hold v sujetar
to favor, foster, aid v propiciar
to favor, help v favorecer
to fear v temer
to feed, support v alimentar
to feel, regret v sentir
to feel, touch, fondle v palpar
to feign, pretend v fingir
to fight against v combatir
to fight, struggle v pelear
to fight, wrestle v luchar
to fill v llenar
to fill with enthusiasm, excite v entusiasmar
to finance v financiar
to find v encontrar
to find (out) v hallar
to find out [se] v enterar
to find, locate v ubicar
to finish off, finish up v rematar
to finish, end v terminar
to fish v pescar
to fit (into) v caber
to fix, arrange v arreglar
to flatten, crush, smash v aplastar
to flee, run away v huir
to float, flutter v flotar
to flood, inundate v inundar
to flow v fluir
to flow, lead into v desembocar
to flower, bloom, flourish v florecer
to fly v volar
to focus v enfocar
to follow, keep on v seguir
to force v forzar
to foresee, anticipate, forecast v prever
to forget v olvidar
to forgive, excuse v perdonar
to form v formar
to formulate v formular
to fortify v fortalecer
to foster, promote, encourage v fomentar
to found, base v fundar
to frame v enmarcar
to free, liberate v liberar
to freeze v congelar
to frequent, visit v frecuentar
to frighten, scare v asustar
to frustrate, prevent v frustrar
to fulfill v cumplir
to fulfill, carry out v realizar
to gather, accumulate v amontonar
to gather, meet, collect v reunir
to generalize, popularize v generalizar
to generate v generar
to get dark v oscurecer
to get right v acertar
to get, acquire, obtain v conseguir
to give v dar
to give (as a gift) v regalar
to give birth v parir
to give in, to render v rendir
to give rise (to), cause v originar
to give up, renounce v renunciar
to give way, yield v ceder
to give, grant, award v otorgar
to glimpse, guess v entrever
to go v ir
to go back v retroceder
to go back to (time) v remontar
to go beyond, cross over v traspasar
to go for a walk, ride v pasear
to go up v subir
to go, leave, march v marchar
to govern v gobernar
to grade, rate, qualify v calificar
to grant, concede v conceder
to grasp, catch v agarrar
to grasp, clutch v aferrar
to greet, say hello v saludar
to grow, increase v crecer
to guarantee v garantizar
to guess, solve v adivinar
to guide, lead, steer v guiar
to hang (up) v colgar
to happen v suceder
to happen, come about v acontecer
to happen, occur v ocurrir
to hate v odiar
to have v tener
to have (+Ved) v haber
to have breakfast v desayunar
to have just, finish v acabar
to have lunch v almorzar
to have means, dispose v disponer
to have the leading role in v protagonizar
to head for, guide v encaminar
to head, lead (off) v encabezar
to heal, cure v remediar
to hear v oír
to help v ayudar
to hide v ocultar
to hide, conceal v esconder
to hinder, obstruct v dificultar
to hire, contract v contratar
to hit, stick (on) v pegar
to hit, strike v golpear
to hold, take, catch v coger
to honor v honrar
to host, accommodate v alojar
to hug, embrace v abrazar
to humiliate v humillar
to hunt v cazar
to hurry up, speed up v apresurar
to hurt v doler
to hurt, damage v lastimar
to identify v identificar
to illuminate, light up v iluminar
to illustrate v ilustrar
to imagine v imaginar
to imitate, copy, mimic v imitar
to impart, administer v impartir
to implement v implementar
to implicate, imply v implicar
to implore, pray, ask v rogar
to impose, enforce v imponer
to impregnate, permeate v impregnar
to impress v impresionar
to improve, get better v mejorar
to improvise v improvisar
to inaugurate, start v inaugurar
to include v incluir
to incorporate, include v incorporar
to increase v aumentar
to increase v incrementar
to indicate v indicar
to infect, infest v contagiar
to influence, affect v incidir
to inform v informar
to inform, announce v avisar
to inform, become aware v percatar
to inhabit v habitar
to inherit v heredar
to initiate, start v iniciar
to insert, fit well v encajar
to insert, put in v insertar
to insinuate, hint v insinuar
to insist on v empeñar
to insist on v insistir
to inspire, be passionate about v apasionar
to inspire, inhale v inspirar
to install v instalar
to insult, berate v insultar
to integrate, fit in v integrar
to interest v interesar
to interpret v interpretar
to interrupt v interrumpir
to intervene v intervenir
to interview v entrevistar
to intone, sing, modulate v entonar
to introduce, bring in v introducir
to introduce, present v presentar
to invade, overcome v invadir
to invent, make up v inventar
to invest v invertir
to investigate v investigar
to investigate, find out v averiguar
to invite v invitar
to invoke v invocar
to involve v involucrar
to involve, bring v conllevar
to irritate v irritar
to isolate, insulate v aislar
to join, deposit, admit v ingresar
to judge v juzgar
to jump, leap, hop v saltar
to justify, excuse v justificar
to keep, maintain v mantener
to keep, retain v retener
to keep, save v guardar
to kill v matar
to kiss v besar
to kneel v arrodillar
to knock down, demolish v derrumbar
to knock down, overthrow v derribar
to knock over, cast down v tumbar
to know (a fact), find out v saber
to know (someone or place) v conocer
to last v durar
to laugh (at) v reír
to lead to v inducir
to lead, drive v conducir
to lead, head v liderar
to lean v recostar
to learn v aprender
to leave, go out v salir
to lend v prestar
to let go, start out v largar
to let, leave v dejar
to liberate, set free v librar
to license, discharge v licenciar
to lie, be located v yacer
to lie, be situated v radicar
to life, raise v alzar
to lighten, relieve, comfort v aliviar
to limit v limitar
to limit, restrict v restringir
to link, connect v enlazar
to listen to v escuchar
to live v vivir
to load (up), carry v cargar
to locate, find, localize v localizar
to lodge, harbor v albergar
to look for v buscar
to look, watch v mirar
to loosen v aflojar
to lose, miss v perder
to love v amar
to madden, derange v enloquecer
to maintain, support v sustentar
to make an effort, exert oneself v esforzar
to make uneasy, disturb v inquietar
to make up, comprise v configurar
to make wet, dampen v mojar
to make, develop v elaborar
to manage, handle v gestionar
to manipulate, handle v manipular
to manufacture v fabricar
to mark, note, dial v marcar
to marry v casar
to materialize, fulfill v concretar
to matter, import v importar
to mature, ripen v madurar
to mean v significar
to measure v medir
to meditate, ponder v meditar
to melt, cast, smelt v fundir
to mention, cite v mencionar
to miss, long for v extrañar
to mix v mezclar
to moan, groan v gemir
to mobilize v movilizar
to mock v burlar
to modify v modificar
to motivate, cause v motivar
to move away v alejar
to move away, separate v apartar
to move forward v adelantar
to move, affect v conmover
to move, change v mudar
to move, incite v mover
to move, make/get excited v emocionar
to move, transfer v trasladar
to multiply v multiplicar
to murder, assassinate v asesinar
to murmur, whisper, mutter v murmurar
to nail v clavar
to name, appoint v nombrar
to narrate, tell v narrar
to navigate, sail v navegar
to need v necesitar
to neglect v descuidar
to negotiate, deal (with/in) v negociar
to not know, not recognize v desconocer
to notice v notar
to notice, warn v advertir
to obey v obedecer
to obligate, force v obligar
to observe v observar
to obstruct v entrabar
to obtain v obtener
to occasion, bring about v ocasionar
to occupy, use v ocupar
to occur, take place v transcurrir
to offend v ofender
to offer v brindar
to offer, present v ofrecer
to open v abrir
to operate v operar
to oppose v oponer
to organize v organizar
to overcome, conquer v vencer
to overcome, surpass v superar
to overflow, spill over v desbordar
to paint v pintar
to paralyze v paralizar
to participate v participar
to pass (test), approve v aprobar
to pass away (to die) v fallecer
to pass, spend (time) v pasar
to pay v pagar
to penetrate, come in v penetrar
to perceive, notice v percibir
to perfect v perfeccionar
to persecute, pursue, chase v perseguir
to persist v persistir
to pick up v recoger
to place, position v colocar
to plan v planear
to plan v planificar
to plan, program v programar
to plant v plantar
to play (sport/game) v jugar
to plead, argue v alegar
to please v agradar
to please, satisfy v complacer
to plunge, hurl, rush v precipitar
to point (out), signal v señalar
to point, note, aim v apuntar
to populate, inhabit v poblar
to portray, draw v retratar
to possess, own v poseer
to postulate, nominate v postular
to pour, spill, shed v verter
to practice v practicar
to practice, exercise v ejercer
to pray, recite v rezar
to pray, speak v orar
to preach v predicar
to precede v preceder
to predict v predecir
to predominate v predominar
to prefer v preferir
to prepare v preparar
to preserve v preservar
to preside over v presidir
to press, beat, strike, throb v pulsar
to press, pressure v presionar
to pretend, simulate v simular
to prevail v prevalecer
to prevent, hinder v impedir
to print v imprimir
to proceed, start v proceder
to process, prosecute v procesar
to proclaim v proclamar
to produce, cause v producir
to progress v progresar
to prohibit, forbid v prohibir
to project v proyectar
to promise v prometer
to promote v promover
to pronounce v pronunciar
to propose v proponer
to propose, present v plantear
to protect v proteger
to protect, shelter v amparar
to protest, object v protestar
to prove, verify v constatar
to provide v proveer
to provide, contribute v aportar
to publish v publicar
to punish v castigar
to push, promote, drive v impulsar
to push, shove v empujar
to put (into) v meter
to put (on), get (+ v poner
to put in order, organize v ordenar
to put/go to bed v acostar
to qualify, prepare v capacitar
to question v cuestionar
to question, interrogate v interrogar
to rain v llover
to raise, lift v levantar
to ratify v ratificar
to re-establish, restore v restablecer
to reach, catch up with v alcanzar
to reach, contact v contactar
to react v reaccionar
to read v leer
to receive v recibir
to recite v recitar
to recognize, admit v reconocer
to recommend v recomendar
to reconstruct v reconstruir
to record, engrave v grabar
to recover, regain v recobrar
to recuperate, recover v recuperar
to reduce v reducir
to refer (to) v referir
to reflect v reflejar
to reflect, consider on v reflexionar
to reform, renovate v reformar
to register, record v inscribir
to register, record v registrar
to regret v lamentar
to regulate, adjust v regular
to reign, prevail v reinar
to reinforce, strengthen v reforzar
to reiterate, repeat v reiterar
to reject v rechazar
to relate v relacionar
to relax v relajar
to release, loosen, let out v soltar
to remain, stay v quedar
to remember, remind v acordar
to remember, remind v recordar
to remit v remitir
to remove v remover
to remove, take away v quitar
to renew, renovate v renovar
to renew, resume v reanudar
to rent, hire v alquilar
to repair, restore v reparar
to repeat v repetir
to repent, regret v arrepentir
to replace v reemplazar
to replace, move, shift v desplazar
to replace, restore v reponer
to reply v replicar
to represent v representar
to repress v reprimir
to reproduce, repeat v reproducir
to require v requerir
to rescue, save v rescatar
to reserve, book v reservar
to reside, live (in) v residir
to resign, relinquish v resignar
to resist, endure v resistir
to resolve, settle, work out v resolver
to resort to v recurrir
to resound, ring, echo, v resonar
to respect v respetar
to rest v descansar
to rest, lie down v reposar
to rest, pose, land v posar
to restore, reinstate v restaurar
to result, turn out v resultar
to resuscitate v resucitar
to retake, restart v retomar
to return (to a place) v regresar
to return, give back v devolver
to return, give back v retornar
to return, to, v, again v volver
to reveal, disclose v revelar
to review, revise v repasar
to revive v revivir
to ride, mount, assemble v montar
to rip/break into pieces v destrozar
to risk, venture v arriesgar
to roam, go by v transitar
to roam, wander v vagar
to rob, steal v robar
to roll, run, scatter v rodar
to rot, decay v pudrir
to rotate, revolve v girar
to rub, scrub v frotar
to ruin, destroy v arruinar
to rule, govern, manage v regir
to run v correr
to run into, bump into v topar
to sacrifice v sacrificar
to sanction, penalize v sancionar
to satisfy v satisfacer
to save (money, time) v ahorrar
to save, rescue v salvar
to say goodbye (to), dismiss v despedir
to scare, frighten v espantar
to scratch, scrape v rascar
to seal, stamp v sellar
to see v ver
to seem, look like v parecer
to seep, filter v filtrar
to select v seleccionar
to sell v vender
to send v enviar
to send, order v mandar
to sense v intuir
to sense in advance v presentir
to sentence, condemn v sentenciar
to separate v separar
to serve v servir
to serve, attend to v atender
to set, fix, [se] notice v fijar
to settle, establish, locate v asentar
to sew v coser
to sew, weave v tejer
to shake, jolt v sacudir
to shake, move v agitar
to shake, tremble v estremecer
to share v compartir
to sharpen v afilar
to shed, pour out v derramar
to shine, twinkle, be outstanding v brillar
to shoot (at) v disparar
to shout v gritar
to show v mostrar
to show (off), shine v lucir
to show, demonstrate v demostrar
to shrink v encoger
to shut (in) v encerrar
to sigh v suspirar
to sign v firmar
to sin v pecar
to sing v cantar
to sink, plunge v sumir
to sink, submerge v hundir
to sit (down), seat v sentar
to situate, place, locate v situar
to sleep v dormir
to slide, glide, slip v deslizar
to slip v resbalar
to slip in [se] v colar
to smell v oler
to smile v sonreír
to smoke v fumar
to snatch, grab v arrebatar
to soak, drench v empapar
to solicit, request v solicitar
to solve, settle v solucionar
to sound, ring v sonar
to sow, plant v sembrar
to speak, talk v hablar
to specialize, major in v especializar
to specify, itemize v especificar
to speed up, hurry up v apurar
to spend (money) v gastar
to spit v escupir
to splash, splatter v salpicar
to spread (out) v difundir
to sprout v brotar
to spy on v espiar
to squeeze, tighten, compress v apretar
to stand out, excel v sobresalir
to start (machine), uproot v arrancar
to stay, remain v permanecer
to step on v pisar
to stimulate, encourage v estimular
to stir, mix, scramble v revolver
to stop (moving) v parar
to stop, detain v detener
to store, keep v almacenar
to straighten, raise v erguir
to strengthen, boost v potenciar
to stretch, strain v estirar
to stroke, fondle, caress v acariciar
to study v estudiar
to subject v someter
to submerge, plunge v sumergir
to substitute, replace v sustituir
to subtract, minimize v restar
to suck v chupar
to suffer v padecer
to suffer, undergo v sufrir
to suggest, hint at v sugerir
to summarize v resumir
to supply v proporcionar
to supply, provide v suministrar
to support, hold up v sostener
to support, lean on v apoyar
to suppose, assume v suponer
to suppress, delete v suprimir
to surprise v sorprender
to surround v rodear
to survive, outlive v sobrevivir
to suspect, suppose v sospechar
to suspend, hang, fail v suspender
to swallow v tragar
to swear, take an oath v jurar
to sweat v sudar
to swim v nadar
to take advantage of v aprovechar
to take away, retire v retirar
to take care of v cuidar
to take out v sacar
to take power v apoderar
to take revenge, avenge v vengar
to take shelter, give refuge v refugiar
to take, carry v llevar
to take, drink v tomar
to talk, chat v platicar
to teach, show v enseñar
to tell, count v contar
to tell, narrate v relatar
to tell, say v decir
to tempt, entice v tentar
to tend to, lay out v tender
to test v ensayar
to test, prove, try v probar
to thank for v agradecer
to think v pensar
to think, be of the opinion v opinar
to threaten v amenazar
to throw, cast v echar
to throw, fling v arrojar
to throw, launch v lanzar
to throw, pull v tirar
to tie (up) v atar
to tie, fasten v amarrar
to tie, link, bind v ligar
to tighten, make closer v estrechar
to tire, annoy v cansar
to title, call v titular
to tolerate, put up with v tolerar
to torture, torment v atormentar
to torture, torment v torturar
to touch (lightly) v rozar
to touch, play (instrument) v tocar
to train v entrenar
to transcend v trascender
to transfer v transferir
to transform, change v transformar
to transform, turn v tornar
to translate v traducir
to transmit, broadcast v transmitir
to transport, carry v transportar
to trap, catch v atrapar
to travel v viajar
to travel, cover (distance) v recorrer
to tremble, shake v temblar
to trick, deceive v engañar
to trim, cut off, clip v recortar
to trip, stumble v tropezar
to triumph v triunfar
to trust, confide v confiar
to try, attempt v intentar
to try, seek v procurar
to try, treat, deal with v tratar
to turn off, extinguish v apagar
to turn on v encender
to turn on, apprehend v prender
to turn over, turn around v voltear
to turn/knock over, empty v volcar
to twist, bend, distort v torcer
to underline, highlight, emphasize v subrayar
to understand v comprender
to understand v entender
to undertake, embark on v emprender
to undo, destroy, take apart v deshacer
to unfold, deploy v desplegar
to unite, join (together) v unir
to unleash, unchain v desencadenar
to unleash, unload v descargar
to untie, unleash, spark off v desatar
to update v actualizar
to use v usar
to use for the first time, debut v estrenar
to use, utilize v utilizar
to vacillate, hesitate v vacilar
to value v valorar
to verify v verificar
to verify, prove v comprobar
to vibrate, tremble v vibrar
to violate, trespass, rape v violar
to visit v visitar
to vote v votar
to wager, bet v apostar
to wait for, await v aguardar
to wait, hope (for), expect v esperar
to wake (up), arouse v despertar
to walk v caminar
to walk, function v andar
to want, desire, wish for v desear
to want, love v querer
to warm, heat v calentar
to wash v lavar
to watch over v velar
to watch over, guard v vigilar
to water, irrigate v regar
to weaken, debilitate v debilitar
to wear (shoes) v calzar
to wear, dress v vestir
to weigh v pesar
to welcome, accept v acoger
to where? adv adónde
to whisper, murmur v susurrar
to win, earn v ganar
to work v trabajar
to work, function v funcionar
to worry v preocupar
to worship, adore v adorar
to wound, hurt v herir
to wrap v envolver
to wrinkle, crumple v arrugar
to write v escribir
to, at prep a
tobacco, cigarette, cigar nm tabaco
today, nowadays adv hoy
together adj junto
tolerance nf tolerancia
tomato nm tomate
tomb, grave nf tumba
tomorrow adv mañana
ton nf tonelada
tone nm tono
too much adv demasiado
tool nf herramienta
tooth, cog nm diente
torture nf tortura
total nm total
total, entire adj total
totally, completely adv totalmente
touch, ringing, warning nm toque
tough, resistant, durable adj resistente
tour nf gira
tourism nm turismo
tourist nc turista
tourist adj turístico
tournament nm torneo
toward, towards prep hacia
towel nf toalla
tower nf torre
town, locality nf localidad
toxic adj tóxico
toy nm juguete
trace, track, footstep nf huella
track, sign, flea market nm rastro
trade union nm sindicato
tradition nf tradición
traditional adj tradicional
traditionally adv tradicionalmente
traffic, trade nm tráfico
traffic, transit nm tránsito
tragedy nf tragedia
tragic adj trágico
train, convoy nm tren
training nf capacitación
training nm entrenamiento
trajectory, course, path nm trayecto
trajectory, path nf trayectoria
tranquility, peace nf tranquilidad
transaction, deal nf transacción
transcendent nature, significance nf trascendencia
transfer nm traslado
transfer, transference nf transferencia
transformation nf transformación
transition nf transición
translation nf traducción
transmitter, emitter nm emisor
transparency, slide nf transparencia
transparent, clear adj transparente
transportation, transport nm transporte
travel, trip nm viaje
traveler, passenger nm viajero
tray nf bandeja
treason, betrayal nf traición
treasure, thesaurus nm tesoro
treasury, finances nf finanzas
treatment, manner, agreement nm trato
treatment, processing nm tratamiento
tree nm árbol
trembling, shaky adj tembloroso
tremendous, dreadful, huge adj tremendo
tremor, shudder, shiver nm temblor
triangle nm triángulo
tribe nf tribu
trick, ruse nm truco
trick, trap, hacer t.: to cheat nf trampa
triumph, victory nm triunfo
trolley, tram, streetcar nm tranvía
troops, forces nf tropa
tropical adj tropical
trouble, predicament nm apuro
trouble, valer la p.: be of worth nf pena
truce, rest nf tregua
truck, van, tanker nm camión
true, real adj verdadero
truly adv verdaderamente
trunk, torso nm tronco
truth nf verdad
tube, pipe nm tubo
Tuesday nm martes
tumor, growth nm tumor
tunnel nm túnel
Turkish adj turco
turn, draft, expression nm giro
turn, shift, en t. a: around nm turno
turned off adj apagado
turned on, burning adj encendido
TV, television nf tele
TV, television nf televisión
twelve num doce
twenty num veinte
twenty-five num veinticinco
twenty-four num veinticuatro
two num dos
two hundred num doscientos
type, kind nm tipo
typical adj típico
U.S., American adj estadounidense
ugly, nasty, rude adj feo
umpire, referee nm/f árbitro
unbearable, intolerable adj insoportable
uncertain adj incierto
uncertainty nf incertidumbre
uncle, guy nm tío
uncomfortable adj incómodo
unconscious, thoughtless adj inconsciente
under, underneath prep bajo
underground adj subterráneo
underneath, below prep debajo
understanding nf comprensión
understanding nm entendimiento
unemployment nm desempleo
unexpected, unforeseen adj inesperado
unexplainable adj inexplicable
unfair, unjust adj injusto
unforgettable adj inolvidable
unfortunately adv desgraciadamente
unhappy, unfortunate adj infeliz
uniform nm uniforme
union nf unión
unit, unity nf unidad
united adj unido
united, jointly shared adj solidario
universal adj universal
universe nm universo
university adj universitario
university, college nf universidad
unknown adj desconocido
unloading, discharge nf descarga
unnecessary adj innecesario
unpleasant adj desagradable
unskilled laborer, field hand nm peón
until, up to, even (ADV) prep hasta
unusual, uncommon adj insólito
up, above adv arriba
update, modernization nf actualización
urban, city, urbane adj urbano
urgency nf urgencia
urgent adj urgente
Uruguayan adj uruguayo
us (obj) pron nos
use nm uso
use, utilization nf utilización
useful adj útil
usefulness, utility nf utilidad
useless adj inútil
user nm/f usuario
usual, habitual, customary adj habitual
vacation nf vacaciones
vaccine, vaccination nf vacuna
vague adj vago
vain, useless adj vano
valid adj válido
validity nf vigencia
valley nm valle
valuable, precious adj valioso
value, worth nm valor
van, bus nf camioneta
vanguard, forefront nf vanguardia
vapor, steam nm vapor
variable, changeable adj variable
variant, difference nf variante
variation nf variación
varied, mixed adj variado
variety nf variedad
vast, immense, huge adj vasto
vault, dome nf bóveda
vegetables, greenery nf verdura
vegetation nf vegetación
vehicle, car nm vehículo
veil nm velo
vein nf vena
Venezuelan adj venezolano
verb nm verbo
verbal, oral adj verbal
verse, poem nm verso
version, account nf versión
vertical, upright adj vertical
very small, tiny adj pequeñito
very, really adv muy
viable, feasible adj viable
vibration nf vibración
vice president nm/f vicepresidente
vice, bad habit, defect nm vicio
victim, casualty nf víctima
victory, triumph nf victoria
video nm vídeo
view, sight nf vista
village, town nf villa
violation, rape nf violación
violence nf violencia
violent adj violento
violin nm violín
virgin nf virgen
virtual, potential adj virtual
virtue, quality nf virtud
virus nm virus
visible adj visible
vision nf visión
visit, visitor, guest nf visita
visitor nc visitante
visual adj visual
vital, lively, essential adj vital
vitamin nf vitamina
vocation, calling nf vocación
voice nf voz
void, null adj nulo
volcano nm volcán
volume nm volumen
voluntary, volunteer adj voluntario
vote nm voto
vote, voting nf votación
vulgar, common, banal adj vulgar
vulgar, ordinary adj ordinario
vulnerable adj vulnerable
wager, bet nf apuesta
waist nf cintura
wait nf espera
waiter, youth, bellboy nm mozo
walk, ride nm paseo
wall nf pared
wall, rampart nm muro
wallet, satchel nf cartera
war, warfare nf guerra
wardrobe, closet nm ropero
warehouse, store nm almacén
warm adj cálido
warning nm aviso
warning, notice nf advertencia
warrior, soldier nm/f guerrero
watchword, motto, slogan nf consigna
water nf agua
wave, billow nf ola
wave, ripple nf onda
wave, tide, ebb nf marea
way, manner nf manera
way, manner, de m. que: so that nm modo
we (subj) pron nosotros
weak adj débil
weakness nf debilidad
weapon nf arma
website, portal ,entrance nm portal
Wednesday nm miércoles
week nf semana
weekly adj semanal
welcome adj bienvenido
welcome, greeting nf bienvenida
well adv bien
well . . . adv bueno
well-being, welfare nm bienestar
well, shaft nm pozo
West nm occidente
west nm oeste
wet adj mojado
what?, which?, how (+adj) pron qué
wheat nm trigo
wheel nf rueda
when adv cuando
when? adv cuándo
where adv donde
where? adv dónde
which, who, whom pron cual
which? pron cuál
while, whereas, as long as conj mientras
whisky nm whisky
white adj blanco
who, whom pron quien
who?, whom? pron quién
whole, totality nf totalidad
whore, prostitute nf puta
whose pron cuyo
wide adj ancho
wide, ample, broad adj amplio
widely adv ampliamente
widow nf viuda
width nm ancho
wife nf esposa
wild adj silvestre
wild, savage, uncultivated adj salvaje
will, testament nm testamento
will, willpower, intention nf voluntad
willing, ready adj dispuesto
wind, scent nm viento
window nf ventana
window (of vehicle) nf ventanilla
wine nm vino
wing, flank nf ala
winner nm/f ganador
winter nm invierno
wire nm alambre
wisdom, knowledge nf sabiduría
wise, learned adj sabio
witch, hag nf bruja
with prep con
with difficulty adv difícilmente
with me pron conmigo
with you pron contigo
withdrawal, retreat nm retiro
without prep sin
witness nm/f testigo
wolf nm lobo
woman, wife nf mujer
womb, belly nm vientre
wonder, marvel nf maravilla
wonderful, marvelous adj maravilloso
wood nf madera
wool nf lana
word nf palabra
work, book, deed nf obra
work, job, effort nm trabajo
work, job, occupation nm empleo
worker, laborer nm/f obrero
worker, laborer nm/f trabajador
workshop, shop nm taller
world nm mundo
worldwide adj mundial
worm, caterpillar nm gusano
worn out, old, used adj usado
worried, concerned adj preocupado
worry, concern nf preocupación
worse, worst adj peor
worship, cult nm culto
worth, merit nm mérito
worthy adj digno
wound nf herida
wounded (person) adj herido
wretched, miserable adj miserable
wrinkle nf arruga
wrinkled, creased adj arrugado
writer nm/f escritor
writer, author nm/f autor
writing, scripture nf escritura
written adj escrito
y p.: and a bit, beak, peak nm pico
year nm año
yellow adj amarillo
yellowish adj amarillento
yes adv
yesterday adv ayer
yield, output, efficiency nm rendimiento
you (obj prep-sg/+fam) pron ti
you (obj-pl/+fam) pron os
you (obj/+fam) pron te
you (subj-pl/+fam) pron vosotros
you (subj-sg/+fam) pron
you (subj-sg/+fam) pron vos
you (subj/–fam) pron usted
young woman nf señorita
young, juvenile adj juvenil
younger, youngest adj menor
your (+fam) adj tu
your (pl/+fam) adj vuestro
yours (sg/+fam) pron tuyo
youth nf juventud
zero, naught, nil num cero
zest, spirit, heart nm ánimo
zipper, closing nm cierre

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